Academic Success Mandatory Programming

The following conditions apply to students who, at the end of their first year of law study, have a cumulative grade point average below a 2.50, or who fall within the bottom quartile of their class, as designated by the Director of Academic and Bar Success.

Course Enrollment: In each semester that a student meets the advising criteria above, the student is restricted in course enrollment for the next semester as follows:

  1. Students taking 10 or more credit hours must register for a minimum of two core courses.
  2. Students taking fewer than 10 credit hours must register for a minimum of one core course. (Core courses are subjects tested on the Uniform Bar Exam: Business Organizations, Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Issues, Criminal Procedure: Judicial Process, Decedents’ Estates & Trusts, Evidence, Family Law, and Secured Transactions)

Students will meet with the Director of Academic and Bar Success each semester to develop an academic plan that will help the student achieve law school and bar exam success. The Director Academic and Bar Success will contact students subject to this requirement by email each semester, outlining specific steps to fulfill this requirement.