Bar Admission Curriculum

ABA Standard 301(a) requires “a law school shall maintain a rigorous program of legal education that prepares its students upon graduation, for admission to the bar and for effective, ethical, and responsible participation as members of the legal profession.”

The School of Law’s Bar Admission Curriculum is designed to provide instruction on professionalism issues concerning law students and lawyers.

The School of Law’s Bar Admission Curriculum will help prepare and inform students about the post-graduation bar admission process and issues of professionalism concerning law students and lawyers. Students are required to attend one program in each of their 1L, 2L, and 3L/4L years. The Legal Profession Curriculum is a graduation requirement for all students.

The Director of Academic & Bar Success, in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Curriculum Committee, may modify the substantive programming as needed. Over the course of three years, students will learn, generally, about the bar admissions process, choosing a jurisdiction to apply, the character and fitness inquiry process, and the bar exam. Specific topics related to character and fitness that will be addressed include: mental health, financial responsibility, and candor.

Alternate arrangements will be made for students who have an unavoidable conflict with live programming.