Completion of Graduation Requirements and Leaves of Absence

The maximum elapsed time permitted between first matriculation and graduation, including, but not limited to, any time spent on leave of absence, shall be eighty-four (84) months. A student who does not remain continuously enrolled, excluding summers, must obtain a leave of absence in order to return to the School of Law. The faculty of the School of Law reserves the right to change the schedule of classes, the program of instruction, the requirements for degrees, and any other similar rules or regulations.

Leaves of absences are granted for extraordinary circumstances and must be approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

A student on probation who takes a leave of absence will remain on probation when he or she returns from leave.

The student taking leave must petition the Registrar’s Office for any tuition refund that requires an exception to the Tuition Reduction Deadline.

The student taking leave must understand the leave’s impact on loans, financial aid, and scholarships. For further information, the student is advised to consult the Financial Aid Office.

School of Law scholarships do not automatically renew for a student who takes a leave. In addition, in most instances, a student taking a leave must repay any scholarship money awarded by the Law School during the semester(s) in which the student is on leave. The student must submit a “Petition for Continuation of School of Law Scholarship” form no later than one week after approval of the leave of absence.