Independent Studies

An Independent Study may be for one (1) or two (2) credit hours.

With the permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and a supervising faculty member, a student may take an independent study on a pass/fail basis. Students may apply no more than two pass/fail independent studies or seminars toward graduation.

A “credit hour” is based on 50 minutes of in-class instruction and two hours of out-of-class work (See Chapter 2, Part A). This would require 42.5 hours of work over a fifteen-week semester for a one credit hour independent study.

Only students having a 2.0 or better average and at least 19 hours may register for an independent study.

Students may apply no more than four (4) credit hours of independent studies toward graduation, unless the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs grants a hardship exception.

An independent study paper does not satisfy the perspective requirement, but may satisfy the writing requirement.

All independent studies must be supervised by a full-time School of Law faculty. However, the faculty member does not have to be the sole supervisor.

To enroll in an independent study, the student must submit to Student Records a completed Independent Study Form, which requires the supervising faculty member’s signature. This completed form must be submitted prior to the last day to add a class, so that the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs may approve the Independent Study in time for the student to register.

Students enrolled in an independent study will be required to keep track of time spent working on the assignment.