Student Records Policy

The School of Law maintains records on each student. These begin with the student’s application and supporting materials and also include the student’s transcript. Other documents relating to the student’s education here (e.g., letters of recommendation requested from a member of the faculty; records of disciplinary proceedings; notations of awards or commendations, etc.) may also be included. It is our policy to safeguard the privacy of these records in accordance with University regulations and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

Each year, the University provides an annual announcement to notify current students of their FERPA rights. The announcement is published in the Schedule of Courses, in The Cardinal, and on the University of Louisville’s FERPA Information website. This notice will explain the basis on which faculty and other law school personnel may seek and obtain access to student records.

Each semester, awards and other academic recognitions will be published within the Law School community. A student must complete a Request to Withhold Disclosure of Directory Information if he or she does not want any information published or released.

The School of Law encourages students to familiarize themselves with these policies.