Externship and Clinic Rules

1. Students may take one externship per semester. A student may register for a second externship in the same semester if:

a. the field placement supervisors confirm that concurrent enrollment will not create conflicts;

b. the faculty supervisors and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs approve;

c. seats are available after the close of registration; and

d. the student’s Supreme Court Student Practice Certification can be completed in a timely manner.

2. Students may not apply more than 12 hours of externship and Extramural Advocacy Competition (934) credit toward the 90 hours necessary for graduation. (See Extramural Advocacy Rules below).

 3. All participants in the Law Clinic, the Entrepreneurship Clinic, and the Criminal Justice, Legal Aid, the Trager Elder Law Clinic, and Immigration Externships must be certified under the Kentucky Student Practice Rule and must have completed 60 hours. Applications for certification must be submitted by the deadline established by the Student Records Office. The instructor may refuse applications submitted after the deadline. All externships are pass/fail.

4. Refer to the Law School’s course catalog for externship and clinic prerequisites.

5. Students earning credit through a judicial externship may not earn credit for a second semester judicial externship experience. Students earning credit through an externship other than a judicial externship may enroll in only one additional semester of externship work at the same placement site. Whenever a student enrolls for a second semester experience at the same placement site, the student, faculty, and field supervisor should consult about expectations to foster a meaningful learning experience.

6. Students enrolled in an externship or clinic will be required to keep track of time spent working on the externship or in the clinic.