Requirements for Graduation

Requirements for Graduation

All students must pass or satisfactorily complete the following courses:

1. All required courses in the basic full-time curriculum as set out below

1L Required Classes

  • Lawyering Skills I and II
  • Property I and II
  • Contracts I and II
  • Torts I and II
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Procedure I

2L Required Courses

  • Constitutional Law I and II
  • Civil Procedure II

Required Upper Division (2L and 3L) Classes

  • Professional Responsibility
  • Perspective Course
  • Upper Division Writing Requirement Course
  • 18 credit hours of Core courses
  • 6 Credit Hours of experiential learning courses, which includes 2 credit hours of live client externship or clinic courses

2. Additional Requirements:

  • The Legal Profession Curriculum
  • Public Service Requirement

Each semester, classes satisfying the above requirements are set out on the Brandeis Academic Affairs Intranet site (see here).