Public Service Requirement

Students must complete the public service requirement prior to graduation by engaging in at least 30 hours of law-related public service at an approved placement. The public service requirement must be completed before a student will be permitted to visit at another law school during the last semester, unless an exception is pre-approved by the Public Service Coordinator. Failure to complete the public service hours and/or failure to submit all required documentation by the published deadline will result in delayed graduation.

For purposes of the public service program, public service work is broadly defined as follows:

1. Primarily, for persons of limited means or for charitable, religious, civic, community, governmental and education organizations in matters which are designed generally to address the needs of persons of limited means and for governmental organizations in matters in furtherance of their organizational purposes.

2. Secondarily, for groups or organizations seeking to secure or protect civil rights, civil liberties, animals, the environment, or public rights; or

3. In special cases (not routine clerk work), in activities for improving the law, the legal system, or the legal profession, or educating the public about the law and the legal system.

Furthermore, the volunteer service must be unpaid, not for academic credit, and involve law-related work at an approved placement. No public service work credit will be received by a student who is currently in a paid employment relationship with the placement.