Dual Degree Programs

In recognition of the interdisciplinary nature of law, the law school offers a number of dual degree programs providing students an opportunity to earn two degrees in a reduced period of time. Students interested in any of these programs should consult the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Generally, law students must apply to a dual degree program prior to completing 45 hours of law school course work. Applicants must be admitted independently to both schools and must be accepted for the dual degree program by both schools. The JD degree will not be awarded before the other degree. Students must complete the requirements for both degrees before the JD is awarded. No credit will be given toward a J.D. degree for coursework completed prior to matriculating to law school. Further, in the first year of law study, the participating student must take law classes only.

The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs must approve dual degree students’ course schedules each semester. Additionally, if a student withdraws from the dual degree program, the student may not use courses earned in the second degree towards the completion of the JD. All credits transferred into the JD program from a dual degree program will be as credits only, and will not count toward the student’s law school grade point average or graduation honors.

More information on dual degrees is available at this website: