Examinations on Computer

General Information

Brandeis School of Law permits students to take examinations on computer or by handwriting in exam bluebooks. Typewritten exams are no longer permitted. Taking any examination on computer is a privilege, not a right, subject to individual faculty approval and conditioned on each student’s compliance with all of the requirements and expectations set forth in this policy.

Brandeis School of Law licenses and supports Extegrity’s Exam4 software for use by every student, but cannot and does not guarantee compatibility between Exam4 and any particular student’s computer.

Each student must provide:

1. A personal computer. The computer must meet or exceed Exam4’s hardware and software requirements, which are updated regularly and posted at Exams on Computer on the Brandeis Law Intranet.

2. A portable storage device, such as a USB flash drive, for storage and submission of completed exams. Students must also successfully complete a practice exam using the appropriate version of Exam4, under rules established by the Assistant Dean for Information Technology. Students taking exams on computer acknowledge and accept that they may be required to take or complete an exam by hand in approved bluebooks if they do not complete the practice exam in compliance with the Practice Test Requirements (below) or in case of pertinent software or hardware problems.

A new version of Exam4, for both Mac and PC, will be available at least once each semester, and each student is responsible for obtaining, installing and testing the most recent version available for exams by applicable deadlines, which are published on the Brandeis Law Intranet and in the Daily Docket email newsletter.