Exam Day Procedures and Support before Exams

Brandeis School of Law IT Department staff will be available to provide technical support for least one (1) hour before any exam on which students are permitted to use Exam4, during all such exams and for a reasonable time after any such exam has ended. Each student planning to take an exam using Exam4 must bring:

  1. The computer on which he or she has successfully installed and tested Exam4, along with the computer’s AC adapter/power supply and fully charged battery or batteries;
  2. A functioning USB flash drive;
  3. Approved bluebooks, which are available from Student Services and Diversity and/or the Dean on Duty at the time of the exam; and
  4. Ink pens or other writing instruments.

Each student planning to take an exam using Exam4 must:

  1. Report to the assigned exam room;
  2. Set up and boot up their computer and log on to the University’s secure wireless network, ulsecure;
  3. Start up Exam4, provide the assigned exam number and other information at the appropriate prompts, stop at the screen that says “Wait!” in large red letters; and
  4. Click Begin Exam only when instructed by the professor that he or she may begin the exam.

An Exam4 file is not like a conventional word processing document. It is encrypted and cannot be modified once the student has ended an Exam4 session. Therefore, it is extremely important that each student:

  1. Correctly self-identify using an assigned exam number;
  2. Correctly provide any other information, such as a pledge, as instructed by the professor; and
  3. Do nothing that will disclose the student’s identity to the professor or otherwise compromise anonymity.

No member of the Law School IT Department may correct students’ mistakes or make other modifications to any Exam4 exam.