Exemptions, Extensions and Modifications

Exemptions from or extensions or other modifications to the practice test requirement may only be made for cause by the Assistant Dean for Information Technology upon petition from the student seeking such exemption, extension or modification. The Assistant Dean for Information Technology shall not grant any exemption from or extension or modification to any practice test requirement unless the student requesting such exemption, extension or modification has met all of the following conditions:

  1. The student has submitted a petition for an exemption, extension or modification to the Assistant Dean for Information Technology on or before the applicable practice test deadline;
  2. The student has made a good faith effort to comply with applicable practice test requirements; and
  3. Reasonably unforeseeable circumstances prevented the student from complying with the applicable practice test requirements.
  4.  If any student's only exam(s) in a particular semester are unscheduled, multi-day exams (i.e., those traditionally characterized as "take home" exams), that student is not required to submit an Exam4 practice test, even if those exams are administered using Exam4. However, such students are still strongly encouraged to take and submit a practice test to ensure software compatibility and functionality.