Troubleshooting Procedure

Any student whose computer exhibits a problem or irregularity in anticipation of taking, while taking or having immediately taken an exam using Exam4 must bring the computer and AC adapter/power supply immediately and directly to an on-duty member of the Brandeis School of Law Department and describe the problem(s) in as much detail as possible.

The IT staff member on duty will complete and Exam4 Incident Report, noting:

  • The time the student arrived;
  • The student’s name, exam number, exam and professor;
  • The nature of the problem;
  • Steps taken to resolve the problem and whether the problem was resolved; and
  • The time the student leaves.

The IT staff member will transmit the Exam4 Incident Report to the Dean on Duty.

The student must next visit the Dean on Duty, who will determine whether to allow the student additional time, and if so, how much.

The Dean on Duty will discharge the student to resume the exam, noting additional time or other consideration the student shall be afforded to complete the exam.