Student Rights, Responsibilities and Discipline

Students of the School of Law are subject to all University regulations, including those relating to student rights, responsibilities, and disciplinary matters. In addition, students are subject to the special regulations of the faculty of the School of Law. The faculty reserves the privilege of amending or changing its regulations at any time, and of making such changes applicable to students previously registered in the School of Law.

Violations of the Honor Code, Code of Student Conduct or other applicable standards of student conduct will be reported to bar admission authorities as part of their character and fitness inquiry procedures. If a student knowingly makes a false statement or conceals material information on an application for admission, registration forms, or any other University document, or is otherwise guilty of dishonest conduct, the student's registration may be canceled and he or she will be ineligible (except by special action of the faculty) for subsequent registration.

The School of Law reserves the right to terminate the attendance, or to strike from the list of candidates for the JD degree, any student whom it deems unworthy because of neglect of study, incapacity for the law, or defect in conduct or character not in keeping with the standards of the School of Law and of the legal profession.