Chapter Six: Part-time Students


All part-time students must have their class schedules pre-approved by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs each semester.

All part-time students must attend in any Orientation sessions required through the Office of Student Affairs and Diversity. Part-time students are required to complete any training that is required by all UofL students.

Part-time students must have taken or be currently enrolled in all first-year courses before taking upper –division courses.

Students may, however, take other courses in any semester when there is no first-year course offered that the student is not currently taking or has not already passed depending on prerequisites of the specific course. Any full- or part-time student who has not passed all first-year required courses must have a schedule approved by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

A part-time student who completes the first part of a two-part first year course in the Fall semester (that is, Contracts and Torts must enroll in the second part of that course the following spring term. A student who does not earn credit for the first part of a two-part course must still enroll in the second part of that course, but only if that student attended the required number of classes in the first part. However, if the student demonstrates compelling circumstances, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs may make an exception to the rules set out in this paragraph.

First-year students, both full-time and part-time, may not drop a course once the semester has begun. If, however, a first-year student demonstrates, in a timely manner, compelling circumstances that require a course-load reduction, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may authorize an appropriate schedule adjustment if it is in the best interest of the student’s law school education.

Normally, a part-time 1L student will take the following courses during their first year: