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Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures
In an effort to improve the delivery and follow up care of all UofL students, residents and staff who experience exposure to bloodborne pathogens, Campus Health Services (CHS) is the designated site for the evaluation and treatment for bloodborne pathogen exposures within the Health Sciences Center. CHS will provide all students, residents and staff with initial and follow up evaluations, risk determinations and treatment for bloodborne pathogen exposures in conjunction with infectious disease specialists if warranted.

The maintenance and tracking of the students’, residents’ and fellows’ immunizations in the HSC Immunization Program is essential for the safety of our patients and trainees as well as for the accreditation of the clinical facilities that the UofL Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Dentistry use as well as the training programs in Audiology, Speech Pathology and Psychology. Failure to maintain appropriate immunizations could lead to disastrous results for patients, healthcare workers and our affiliated institutions. Compliance with the program’s requirements is mandatory for all students, residents, and fellows in clinical training programs. Failure to comply with the program can result in removal from academic programs, suspension without pay or even termination. 

Other services offered by Campus health Services include:

  • Unlimited routine office visits for health maintenance, physicals, blood pressure checks
  • Gynecological exams (does not cover outside laboratory charges)
  • Medical office visits for  illnesses
  • Allergy injections
  • Phlebotomy services (lab and x-ray fees are paid by patient or patient insurance)
  • In-office lab tests such as strep, flu, pregnancy, urinalysis
  • Annual surveillance TB skin testing and influenza immunizations
  • Low cost generic medications dispensed out of the health office
  • Low cost birth control pills
  • Post-exposure evaluation, and testing for exposures to blood-borne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C including prophylactic medications when prescribed by the health service for up to thirty days.

Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement
All students enrolled in the MD, DMD, upper division Dental Hygiene and Registered Nurses, ARNP, and the Audiology & Speech Pathology programs are required to have major medical insurance.  The major medical insurance may be waived with proof of similar coverage. Waiver information is sent to students using UofL e-mail accounts giving details on how to enroll or waive the medical insurance. E-mails are sent out starting mid-July for the Fall semester, mid-November for the Spring semester, and mid-May for the Summer semester.  You cannot submit a waiver prior to receiving this e-mail.

Health Professional Health Fee
The mandatory health fee is charged to students enrolled on the Health Sciences Center campus, including: the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Upper Level Dental Hygiene, Upper Division Nursing, APRN, Speech Pathology, Audiology and School of Public Health and Information.  It is designed to meet the special needs of students in the healthcare professions.  

Coverage includes:

  • Unlimited medical office visits
  • Gynecological exams (lab or x-rays are paid by patient or patient insurance)
  • Flu shots
  • Annual surveillance TB skin testing
  • Post-exposure evaluation and testing for Tuberculosis
  • Low cost generic medications dispensed out of the health office
  • Discounted pharmaceuticals through the UofL Hospital Outpatient Patient Benefits Program
  • Post-exposure evaluation, and testing for exposures to blood-borne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C including prophylactic medications prescribed by the health service
  • Confidential access to a counselor based on the HSC Campus
  • Confidential psychiatric consultation

This fee does not provide hospitalization or coverage for tests and services other than those listed above. Students without major medical coverage should purchase the university sponsored medical insurance plan to be fully covered for any illness beyond the scope of this fee.

The mandatory health fee is not medical insurance and does not meet requirements for health insurance.

For more information about Campus Health Services and a listing of their services and resources, please visit their website,

Military and Veteran Services

The mission of the Office of Military and Veteran Student Services is to smooth the transition from military life to student life by devoting individualized support to veteran students and their families in providing a broad range of services, coordinating with VA, university departments, and other community organizations.

The staff can assist with the following:

  • Identifying federal and state education benefit options
  • Advocating military transfer credit
  • Withdrawals/re-admit due to deployments or call to Active Duty status
  • Connecting veteran students with campus resources, veteran service providers, and other agencies encouraging academic success at the University of Louisville

For more information, visit

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center fosters an inclusive campus climate through education, service, collaboration, and outreach to the University of Louisville community.  We provide support for students with documented disabilities by promoting equal access to all programs and services.  Students are strongly encouraged to make early contact with the Disability Resource Center to assure adequate time to implement support services. Please contact the Disability Resource Center at (502) 852–6938 or visit their website at