About the School

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About the School of Dentistry

University of Louisville School of Dentistry
501 S. Preston Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Mission Statement

The University of Louisville School of Dentistry will improve the oral and overall health of those whom we serve, transforming lives by educating oral health care professionals to provide patient-centered treatment through innovative approaches, community engagement, strong leadership and research for a future filled with promise. The School of Dentistry is committed to the University of Louisville’s mission statement, and is especially able to support the commitment to excellence in the missions to teach and provide engaged service and outreach to our community. The DMD program in the School of Dentistry enjoys a unique opportunity within the University by combining education with service to the community in every patient encounter at the School of Dentistry and at our affiliated clinical sites. The diversity of the patient population that our dental students serve includes patients from all stages of life, from many backgrounds and forms of education, from many nations, and from all socio-economic levels. To be able to serve these patients while teaching, using the most modern techniques of oral health care, is an ideal opportunity for the DMD students, faculty, and staff, and offers the patients of the metropolitan area and the Commonwealth an invaluable asset improving their oral health.


The three-story School of Dentistry building occupies almost 200,000 square feet at the Health Sciences Center campus. The recently renovated clinical and laboratory facilities and equipment create an environment that is very similar to a private practice setting. Clinical areas in the School of Dentistry are built out in a cubicle system. In the cubicle, the student conducts his or her practice in an atmosphere of privacy which enhances efficiency and self-confidence for patient-centered care.

The dental science laboratories are multi-disciplinary units which provide an area for individual study and work. Each work station is equipped with both high and low bench positions. The high bench provides all utilities necessary for biological laboratory procedures, while the low bench enables a student to learn pre-clinical techniques in a sitting position where a patient-simulated manikin and modern equipment closely simulate the clinical environment. Support laboratories adjacent to the unit labs provide easy access for technical laboratory procedures.

Degrees Offered

Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD)

Dual Degrees:
DMD/MS in Oral Biology

To learn more: louisville.edu/dentistry/degrees