Dentistry (DMD)

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Admission Policy

The Committee on Admissions selects students based on academic proficiency in pre-dental studies, performance on the Dental Admissions Test, recommendations, and nonacademic factors assessed in a personal interview.

Mission of the Admissions Committee:
The University of Louisville School of Dentistry Admissions Committee shall identify, evaluate, and recommend applicants to the Dean who are academically qualified and demonstrate the academic, cultural, social and personal abilities to become safe, competent dentists.

A numerical Admissions Index Score is used to assist in determining which students will be accepted. The Admission Committee uses a holistic evaluation model with about 60% of the scoring based on academic factors.

Dental students require both cognitive and technical skills to succeed in the curriculum. With this in mind, applicants must be able to meet the minimum technical standards for admission and matriculation with or without reasonable accommodation.

Candidates for the study of dentistry must have sound ethical and moral character and possess the ability to grow professionally. Applicants for the first-year class of the University of Louisville, School of Dentistry are considered on their own merits, without prejudice regarding race, religion, sex, age, handicap, color, or national origin.

Dentistry is the practice of applied biological science and requires precision in technical competence. Since members of the profession have many civic and social responsibilities, a highly developed sense of social awareness is required. An understanding of human nature and human relationships is of utmost importance. In selecting courses in preparation for the study of dentistry, a student should include courses in the natural/physical sciences and in the social sciences and humanities which are the foundations of a liberal education. Additional courses in business, mathematics, and communication skills have proven advantageous to our graduates.

Academic Background

Applicants must have completed a minimum of 60 semester hours of college course work, including 38 hours of science courses. Applicants who attended an international institution must provide an officially evaluated transcript and must meet all requirements. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to modify admission requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Required courses:

  • General Chemistry: 2 semesters with labs (8 credit hours)
  • Organic Chemistry: 2 semesters with labs (8 credit hours)
  • Physics: 1 semester (3 credit hours)
  • Biochemistry: 1 semester (3 credit hours)
  • Biology: 4 semester (16 credit hours)

​Recommended Biology courses: 

  • Human Anatomy or Comparative Anatomy (strongly recommended)
  • Histology
  • Physiology
  • Cellular Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Other upper-level biology courses

It is expected that all applicants will also have received a broad exposure to the humanities and social sciences. Additional courses that students have found helpful include fine arts, business, psychology, and communications.

Dental Admission Test

The Dental Admission Test is required of all entering students. Applicants may take the test, at a date and time of their choosing, but are encouraged to take the test no later than September prior to their anticipated enrollment for the following fall. After registering for the Dental Admission Test through the American Dental Association, applicants may contact a local testing center to schedule a test date. Further information may be obtained from pre-dental advisors or by visiting the ADA website:


The School of Dentistry participates in the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS).

Students are encouraged to initiate the application process during the summer or early fall to insure sufficient time for processing. Kentucky, out-of-state, and international residents are considered for admission.

The Admissions staff and the Admissions Committee strive to recruit, admit, and retain a class that seeks to fulfill the goal of achieving the educational benefits of diversity. Workforce demands of the local, state and national levels may be considered. All applicants seriously considered for admission must participate in an interview. These individuals are provided information regarding the School’s goals, strengths, expectations, and student performance. Financial considerations are also discussed. Applicants meet with faculty and interact with students.

Applications from the American Association of Dental Schools Applications Services (AADSAS) are accepted from June 1 through December 31. The application deadline is December 31 of each year. Approximately 400-450 applicants are interviewed each year to fill a class. Classes in recent years have had 120 students.

Letters of acceptance are offered beginning December 1 in accordance with AADSAS policy. A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a place in the class. The deposit is applied to the cost of registration for the first semester of enrollment. All acceptances are granted contingent upon the satisfactory completion of any college work in progress at the time of acceptance and clearance on an official Certiphi background check.

Inquiries concerning admission should be emailed to

The School of Dentistry reserves the right to limit enrollment on the basis of scholarship, recommendations, interviews, background checks, and any other factors affecting the admission process.

Application and Acceptance Timelines

Filing of formal application

  • Earliest date: June 1
  • Latest date: December 31
  • Application fee: $65.00

Notification of Acceptance

  • Earliest date: December 1
  • Latest date: Varies

Applicant Response to Acceptance

  • If accepted between December 1 and January 1: 30 days
  • If accepted after February 1: 15 days or less

An advanced tuition fee holds a place in the class. The deposit is non-refundable if applicant cancels acceptance.

Additional Information

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DMD Program Curriculum, 2020-2021

First Year (D1)

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
BMSC 805 Integrated Biomedical Sciences I 20
CMPD 800 Dental Anatomy and Occlusion (Lecture ) 2
CMPD 801 Dental Anatomy and Occlusion Lab 3
CMPD 850 Foundations of Behavioral Science in Dentistry I 1
CMPD 883 Evidence-Based Decision Making 0.5
CMPD 887 Professionalism & Ethics Fundamentals 1
DXOH 801 Infection Control 1
OIID 800 Correlated Sciences 1
BMSC 807 Pharmacology and Dental Therapeutics 4
BMSC 809 Integrated Biomedical Sciences II 7
CMPD 810 Preclinical Operative Dentistry Lecture 2.5
CMPD 811 Preclinical Operative Dentistry (Lab) 3
CMPD 820 Introduction to Clinical Dentistry I 1 2.5
CMPD 860 Introduction to Preventive Dentistry 1
CMPD 863 Clinical Grand Rounds, First Year DMD Students 2 1
CMPD 870 Growth and Development 1
DXOH 813 Oral Radiology I 2
DXOH 851 Periodontics I 1
 Minimum Total Hours54.5

Multi-semester (Summer-Fall-Spring) course.


Multi-semester (Fall-Spring) course.


Multi-year course.

Second Year (D2)

Plan of Study Grid
Year 2
Summer Session (S1)
BMSC 806 Microbiology and Immunology 4
DXOH 802 Pain and Anxiety Control 3
DXOH 814 Oral Radiology II 1
 Minimum Total Hours8
Plan of Study Grid
Year 2
CMPD 802 Preclinical Occlusion and TMD 3
CMPD 840 Removable Partial Dentures Lecture 1
CMPD 845 Preclinical Complete Denture Lecture 1
CMPD 846 Preclinical Complete Denture Laboratory 1.5
CMPD 871 Pediatric Dentistry I 1
DXOH 804 General Pathology 5
DXOH 852 Periodontics II 1
RARD 861 Introduction to Indirect Restorations (Lecture) 2
RARD 862 Introduction to Indirect Restorations (Laboratory) 3
CMPD 812 Preclinical Operative Dentistry II 1 4
CMPD 821 Introduction to Clinical Dentistry II 1 3
CMPD 830 Preclinical Treatment Planning 1 5
CMPD 841 Removable Partial Dentures Laboratory 2.5
CMPD 851 Foundations of Behavioral Science in Dentistry II 1
CMPD 864 Clinical Grand Rounds, Second Year DMD Students 2 1
CMPD 873 Preclinical Pediatrics (Lecture and Laboratory) 3
DXOH 803 Oral Pathology 4
DXOH 815 Clinical Oral Radiology 1 1
DXOH 853 Periodontal Modular Learning 2
RARD 805 Principles and Techniques of Orthodontics 3
RARD 865 Preclinical Fixed Prosthodontics Lecture 1
RARD 866 Preclinical Fixed Prothodontics Lab 4
RARD 870 Introduction to Implant Dentistry 1
 Minimum Total Hours54

Multi-semester (Summer-Fall-Spring) course.


Multi-semester (Fall-Spring) course.


Multi-year course.

Third Year (D3)

Plan of Study Grid
Year 3
Summer Session (S2)
DXOH 820 Endodontics I (Root Camp) 3
 Minimum Total Hours3
Plan of Study Grid
Year 3
BMSC 807 Pharmacology and Dental Therapeutics 4
CMPD 813 Operative Dentistry III 0.5
CMPD 847 Complete Dentures I Lecture 1
CMPD 872 Pediatric Dentistry II 1
DXOH 835 Oral Medicine 3
DXOH 854 Periodontics III 1
OMFS 805 Principles of Oral Surgery I 1
RARD 871 Implant Dentistry 1
CMPD 814 Clinical Operative Dentistry I 1 4.5
CMPD 831 Clinical Treatment Planning I 1 3
CMPD 842 Clinical Removable Partial Dentures I 1 1
CMPD 848 Clinical Complete Dentures I 1 3
CMPD 854 Integrated Clinical Sciences I 2 4
CMPD 861 Clinical Preventive Dentistry I 1 3
CMPD 865 Clinical Grand Rounds, Third Year DMD Students 2 1
CMPD 875 Care of the Pediatric Special Needs Patient 1
CMPD 876 Concepts in Special Patient Care 1
CMPD 882 Ethical Issues in Dentistry 1
CMPD 884 Practice Management I 1
DXOH 816 Advanced Radiologic Interpretation 1
DXOH 821 Endodontics II 1
DXOH 822 Clinical Endodontics I 1 1
DXOH 830 Dental Clinical Pharmacology 2
DXOH 855 Clinical Periodontics I 1 1
OMFS 806 Principles of Oral Surgery II 1
OMFS 807 Clinical Oral Surgery I 1 4
RARD 820 Assessment, Diagnosis and Mgmt of Temporomandibular Disorders 1
RARD 867 Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics I 1 2
 Minimum Total Hours50
Third Year Elective
DXOH 856Advanced Periodontics Elective0.5

Multi-semester (Summer-Fall-Spring) course.


Multi-semester (Fall-Spring) course.


Multi-year course.

Fourth Year (D4) 

Plan of Study Grid
Year 4
CMPD 880 Community Service 3 0.5
CMPD 881 Clinical Extramural Experience 3 4
CMPD 885 Practice Management II 3
OMFS 808 Clinical Oral Surgery II 2
CMPD 886 National Board Review 2
OMFS 811 General Medicine in Dentistry 1
RARD 809 Clinical Orthodontics 3 2
CMPD 815 Clinical Operative Dentistry II 1 6
CMPD 832 Clinical Treatment Planning II 1 2
CMPD 843 Clinical Removable Partial Dentures II 1 2
CMPD 849 Clinical Complete Dentures II 1 2
CMPD 855 Integrated Clinical Sciences II 1 4
CMPD 856 Clinical Patient Care in Dentistry 3 8
CMPD 862 Clinical Preventative Dentistry II 1 2
CMPD 866 Clinical Grand Rounds, Fourth Year DMD Students 2 1
CMPD 874 Clinical Pediatric Dentistry 3 3
DXOH 823 Clinical Endodontics II 1 2
DXOH 845 Clinical Diagnosis 3 3
DXOH 857 Clinical Periodontics II 1 2
RARD 821 Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis and Management of TMD Disorders 3 1
RARD 868 Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics II 1 3
 Minimum Total Hours55.5
Fourth Year Elective
CMPD 803Advanced Occlusion and Restorative Concepts (Fall and Spring )1
CMPD 890Principles of Digital Photography in Dentistry (Fall and Spring)1
CMPD 899Preclinical Student Teaching Experience (Fall and Spring)2-4
DXOH 824Advanced Endodontics (Spring)1
DXOH 856Advanced Periodontics Elective (Spring)0.5

Multi-semester (Summer-Fall-Spring) course.


Multi-semester (Fall-Spring) course.


Multi-year course.

Coursework by Category

D1 Year Courses

Biomedical Science Courses
BMSC 802: Histology5
BMSC 804: Biochemistry5
BMSC 805: Integrated Biomedical Sciences by Body System (Integrated Biomedical Sciences)6
BMSC 809Integrated Biomedical Sciences II7
BMSC 807Pharmacology and Dental Therapeutics4
Oral Health Sciences Courses
CMPD 800Dental Anatomy and Occlusion (Lecture)2
CMPD 801Dental Anatomy and Occlusion Lab3
DXOH 801Infection Control1
CMPD 883Evidence-Based Decision Making0.5
OIID 800Correlated Sciences1
CMPD 820Introduction to Clinical Dentistry I2.5
DXOH 813Oral Radiology I2
CMPD 810Preclinical Operative Dentistry Lecture2.5
CMPD 811Preclinical Operative Dentistry (Lab)3
CMPD 870Growth and Development1
CMPD 860Introduction to Preventive Dentistry1
DXOH 851Periodontics I1
CMPD 840Removable Partial Dentures Lecture1

D2 Year Courses

Biomedical Science Courses
BMSC 806Microbiology and Immunology4
Oral Health Sciences Courses
DXOH 814Oral Radiology II1
DXOH 802Pain and Anxiety Control3
CMPD 821Introduction to Clinical Dentistry II3
DXOH 804General Pathology5
DXOH 803Oral Pathology4
CMPD 802Preclinical Occlusion and TMD3
DXOH 852Periodontics II1
RARD 861Introduction to Indirect Restorations (Lecture)2
RARD 862Introduction to Indirect Restorations (Laboratory)3
CMPD 845Preclinical Complete Denture Lecture1
CMPD 846Preclinical Complete Denture Laboratory1.5
CMPD 871Pediatric Dentistry I1
CMPD 812Preclinical Operative Dentistry II4
CMPD 830Preclinical Treatment Planning5
DXOH 815Clinical Oral Radiology1
DXOH 853Periodontal Modular Learning2
CMPD 841Removable Partial Dentures Laboratory2.5
RARD 865Preclinical Fixed Prosthodontics Lecture1
RARD 866Preclinical Fixed Prothodontics Lab4
RARD 870Introduction to Implant Dentistry1
RARD 805Principles and Techniques of Orthodontics3
CMPD 873Preclinical Pediatrics (Lecture and Laboratory)3

D3 Year Courses

Oral Health Sciences Courses
DXOH 820Endodontics I3
CMPD 854Integrated Clinical Sciences I4
CMPD 814Clinical Operative Dentistry I4.5
CMPD 813Operative Dentistry III0.5
DXOH 835Oral Medicine3
DXOH 854Periodontics III1
RARD 871Implant Dentistry1
CMPD 847Complete Dentures I Lecture1
CMPD 872Pediatric Dentistry II1
OMFS 805Principles of Oral Surgery I1
CMPD 831Clinical Treatment Planning I3
DXOH 822Clinical Endodontics I1
CMPD 848Clinical Complete Dentures I3
OMFS 807Clinical Oral Surgery I4
DXOH 830Dental Clinical Pharmacology2
CMPD 884Practice Management I1
CMPD 886National Board Review2
CMPD 882Ethical Issues in Dentistry1
DXOH 821Endodontics II1
CMPD 876Concepts in Special Patient Care1
CMPD 875Care of the Pediatric Special Needs Patient1
OMFS 806Principles of Oral Surgery II1
DXOH 816Advanced Radiologic Interpretation1
DXOH 856Advanced Periodontics Elective (selective)0.5
RARD 809Clinical Orthodontics 32
DXOH 845Clinical Diagnosis 33
DXOH 855Clinical Periodontics I 11
CMPD 861Clinical Preventive Dentistry I 11
CMPD 874Clinical Pediatric Dentistry3
CMPD 856Clinical Patient Care in Dentistry 38
RARD 867 Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics I 12
CMPD 842Clinical Removable Partial Dentures I 13

D4 Year Courses

Oral Health Sciences Courses
CMPD 880Community Service 30.5
CMPD 881Clinical Extramural Experience 32
CMPD 855Integrated Clinical Sciences II 14
CMPD 815Clinical Operative Dentistry II6
CMPD 885Practice Management II3
OMFS 808Clinical Oral Surgery II2
OMFS 811General Medicine in Dentistry1
RARD 809Clinical Orthodontics 32
CMPD 832Clinical Treatment Planning II 12
DXOH 823Clinical Endodontics II 12
CMPD 849Clinical Complete Dentures II 12
CMPD 890Principles of Digital Photography in Dentistry (selective)1
CMPD 899Preclinical Student Teaching Experience (selective)2-4
CMPD 803Advanced Occlusion and Restorative Concepts (selective)1
DXOH 856Advanced Periodontics Elective (selective)0.5
CMPD 843 Clinical Removable Partial Dentures II 12
DXOH 857 Clinical Periodontics II 12
DXOH 824Advanced Endodontics (Elective)1
CMPD 862 Clinical Preventative Dentistry II 12
DXOH 845Clinical Diagnosis 33
CMPD 874Clinical Pediatric Dentistry 33
RARD 868Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics II 13
CMPD 856Clinical Patient Care in Dentistry 38

The Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) program prepares students to meet the requirements for state licensure.  If you plan to pursue professional licensure, first determine the state’s criteria for examination and licensure to better understand how UofL's program meets those requirements. You should contact the state licensing board directly to verify requirements have not changed and determine if there are additional requirements beyond the degree.

More information about certification or licensure is available at the following website: (you may search by school or by the name of the program then click on 'View Details' to display the information).