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Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs of the School of Dentistry coordinates several supportive services for students enrolled in dentistry, dental hygiene, and advanced education programs. Services include coordinating the application process, providing counseling, advising, financial aid support, coordinating tutoring services, and serving as a student advocate. The School employs an Assistant Director for Student Affairs/Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and a full time Academic Counselor.

Office of Academic Affairs

The dental school Program Coordinator, Sr. manages all student records and course enrollment and maintains student files for those enrolled in the School of Dentistry. The Program Coordinator, Sr. compiles and distributes grades, rankings, and provides services to students who need unofficial University records and credentialing documents to support applications for state licensure, insurance certification, postgraduate training, or military benefits. The Program Coordinator, Sr. is located in the Academic Affairs Office, in room 239.


Please visit the housing website to learn about what housing options are available. There are many apartments near HSC campus and others a little further away. You can view available apartments throughout the Louisville area in the Apartment Guide.

The Office of Student Affairs also provides information on private housing options that have been recommended by current and former students.

Title IX and ADA Coordinator's Office

The University strives to provide a safe environment and is committed to keeping the health and well-being of the campus community in the forefront of our thinking. The Title IX Coordinator is in charge of the University's preventive education about, and response to, sexual misconduct including sexual harassment (includes quid pro quo and hostile environment); sexual assault; domestic violence; dating violence; and stalking.

The Title IX Coordinator’s contact information is:

Dr. David Parrott
Title IX Coordinator

Dean of Students Suite, SAC W301
2100 S. Floyd Street
Louisville, KY 40208


Webpage: (policies)