Application Requirements

Application Requirements

The University of Louisville School of Medicine participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Applications can be found at beginning mid-May of each year. Applications are screened once they have been verified by AMCAS regardless of residency status.  Allow 4-6 weeks for AMCAS to verify applications.  The ULSOM's AMCAS application deadline is October 15th.

Selected applicants are notified by email to complete the secondary application.  There is a nonrefundable application fee unless you received a fee waiver through the AMCAS fee assistance program.  Candidates are required to login to the secondary application site within two weeks of notification, but the deadline to complete and submit the secondary application online is December 1.  Most competitive candidates should submit the secondary application as soon as possible.

Admission Test (MCAT)

All applicants must take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The MCAT should preferably be taken during the second semester of the applicant's junior year, or the summer term immediately thereafter.  In no case should it be postponed later than the fall of the year prior to the one in which the applicant intends to enter medical school.  The MCAT should not be attempted before the major basic science requirements are completed.

MCAT information may be obtained from the applicant's pre-medical advisory personnel or by going online at the following web address:

The ULSOM accepts the most recent score, and will not accept any MCAT scores older than two years old.

Letters of Recommendation

Each applicant is required to submit a pre-med advisory committee report. If your college/university does not have a pre-med committee, we require 3 academic letters of recommendation. These letters must be on college letterhead and specifically, they should be from 2 science professors and 1 non-science professor.

Candidates may submit two additional letters, ideally, from sources that speak to the candidate’s suitability for medicine.

Non-traditional applicants or those that have been out of school for 2 or more years may substitute no more than 2 academic letters with employer letters from a direct supervisor, a letter from a research PI/supervisor or letters from a substantive volunteer environment.

All letters of recommendation for the University of Louisville School of Medicine must be submitted via the AMCAS letter service. This service enables medical schools to receive all letters electronically via AMCAS, and enables authors to send all letters to be considered by schools participating in this service to AMCAS rather than each school. 

Criminal Background Check

A Criminal Background Check (CBC) will be administered through AAMC on all applicants at the time of acceptance, and on alternate applicants at the request of the Admissions Office. Applicants must consent, submit to, and satisfactorily complete a criminal background check investigation as a condition of matriculation into ULSOM.

More information on the CBC policy can be found on the ULSOM website. 

Personal Interview

The Office of Admissions arranges appointments for interviews with all applicants whose qualifications indicate that further consideration is appropriate. If an applicant is eligible for an interview, the applicant will be notified via email.