Distinction Tracks

Distinction Track Goals

The Distinction Track Program is an extracurricular program at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. It was created to meet two primary goals:

  1. To increase the number of students choosing a career in academic medicine, and
  2. To provide students with the opportunity for academic exploration and scholarly productivity in an area in medicine for which they have a passion.

The University of Louisville currently has five Distinction Tracks:

  • Business and Leadership
  • Global Health
  • Medical Education
  • Research
  • Health Equity and Medical Justice

Each distinction track is unique in its requirements, ensures a mentored longitudinal experience, and culminates in a scholarly project. Students have the option to apply for a distinction track in years one or two depending upon track, louisville.edu/medicine/distinction-tracks

Distinction in Business and Leadership

Healthcare is a complex and dynamic field with many stakeholders and much uncertainty. Now, more than ever, health systems and providers are realigning with a renewed focus on cost reduction and improved outcomes. What’s more, health providers are increasingly held accountable for outcomes and processes that are only partly in our control. Formal business training at the medical student level is lacking and has left our graduates ill equipped to address today’s challenges.                

Distinction in Global Health

The Distinction in Global Health Track (DIGH) introduces students to various aspects and perspectives of global health through the lenses of clinical, social, political, and epidemiological study. Students will develop a portfolio of participation through engaging in multiple global health learning activities to enhance their knowledge and cross-cultural involvement. The track also provides support to all learners in the medical and nursing schools interested in global health through open lectures for all to attend and guidance on international rotations opportunities.                

Distinction in Medical Education

The MD with Distinction in Medical Education (DIME) is a longitudinal experience that will provide medical students at the UofL SOM with the unique opportunity to engage in activities focused on developing their skills in multiple teaching modes pertinent to medical education, as well as conducting educational research.

Distinction in Research

The Distinction in Research (DIR) track is designed as an enrichment program for a select groups of medical students. The role of clinician as researcher and the methods of basic and translational research will be taught throughout the DIR track. The format will include equipping the students with commonly used tools for research and hands-on mentored research experience.   

Distinction in Health Equity and Medical Justice   

The Distinction in Health Equity and Medical Justice (DHEMJ) track is designed to provide professional and personal development opportunities to refine student skills and competencies as change agents for health equity using a social justice framework.