Mistreatment Policy

Student Mistreatment and Reporting

The University of Louisville School of Medicine is committed to ensuring an environment that is respectful of diversity of opinion, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability and socioeconomic status.  Mutual respect and collegiality among faculty, residents, students and staff is essential to maintaining an environment conducive to learning. All students, faculty, staff in the School of Medicine are expected to adhere to the School of Medicine Policy on Professional Conduct as well as the university wide Code of Conduct.

Student Mistreatment is defined as a behavior that shows disrespect for the dignity of others and unreasonably interferes with the learning process.  It includes harassment, discrimination, or physical threats.

Specific examples of mistreatment can include, but are not limited to, being:

  • Subjected to offensive remarks or names
  • Pressured into performing personal services
  • Intentionally neglected or left out of conversations
  • Belittled or humiliated

Any abuse or misconduct of a sexual nature will be reported through the Title IX process as outlined by the University of Louisville.

Students may report mistreatment using any of the following avenues:

  • Directly report concerns about mistreatment confidentially to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, the Vice Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education, the Assistant Dean for Clinical Skills or the Health Sciences Center Counseling Coordinator.
  • Complete this online form with the option of anonymously reporting a mistreatment.
  • Document the mistreatment on course evaluations.

All reports submitted through these mechanisms will be received by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and will be reviewed with the Vice Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education on a monthly basis.  Trends will be monitored.  The individual mistreatment incidents as well as trends will be brought to the attention of the Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs (if faculty involved) or Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education (if resident involved), as well as the appropriate Chair or Program Director, or appropriate administrator at the clinical site.  The responsible supervisor will have ten (10) business days to initiate a response and communicate this to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Incidents submitted through this form may be made anonymously, however, UofL is limited in its ability to investigate and respond to anonymous reports.  The preference is for all reports to include contact information such that follow-up can occur.

Retaliation against students reporting mistreatment is regarded as a form of mistreatment and will not be tolerated.  Accusations that retaliation has occurred will be handled in the same manner as accusations concerning other forms of mistreatments.

If you require an immediate response to protect your safety or the safety of others, notify law enforcement authorities immediately.