About the Graduate School

About Graduate School

The legislative functions of the Graduate School are vested in the Graduate Council, which consists of elected representatives of the Graduate Faculty. The Council establishes minimum guidelines and policies that maintain high standards for administering graduate education at the University of Louisville.  The dean of the Graduate School serves as chair of this body and of the Graduate Faculty.

The dean and the dean's staff are responsible for the administration of the rules and regulations of the Graduate School and are expected to maintain and safeguard the standards and policies of the school as outlined by the Graduate Faculty and the Graduate Council.

Graduate students participate in the operation and decision-making process of the Graduate School through the Graduate Student Association—to which all graduate students belong—and its executive committee, the Graduate Student Council, which consists of one elected representative from each graduate program. A representative of the Graduate Student Council serves as a voting member of the Graduate Council.

Graduate students are actively sought as members of many of the standing committees of the Graduate School, and they are urged to participate and become involved in the administration of the Graduate School through these channels.