Graduate Programs of Study


The programs listed below are offered at the graduate or professional level. Students interested in bachelor's degree programs should refer to the undergraduate catalog.

Programs marked with an asterisk (*) are available for completion entirely online (may not include all concentrations or specialization areas).

Program MA / MAT or MS Discipline-Specific Master’s Doctoral Certificate or Other College or School Department
AccountancyMAcCertificate1*Arts & SciencesAccountancy
African American TheatreCertificateArts & SciencesTheatre Arts
Anatomical Sciences & NeurobiologyMSPhDMedicineAnatomical Science & Neurobiology
AnthropologyMAArts & SciencesAnthropology
Art & Art HistoryMAMFAPhD2Arts & SciencesFine Arts
Art EducationMATEducation & Human DevelopmentMiddle & Secondary Education
Asian StudiesCertificateArts & SciencesAsian Studies
Autism & Applied Behavior AnalysisCertificate*Education & Human DevelopmentSpecial Education
Biochemistry & Molecular GeneticsMSPhDMedicineBiochemistry & Molecular Genetics
Bioethics & Medical Humanities6MA6Arts & SciencesPhilosophy
Bioinformatics6PhD6Interdisciplinary & Graduate StudiesInterdisciplinary Studies
BiologyMSPhDArts & SciencesBiology
BiostatisticsMS*PhDCertificatePublic Health & Information ScienceBioinformatics & Biostatistics
Business AdministrationMBABusiness
Business AnalyticsMSBusiness
Certified School CounselorRANK I3Education & Human DevelopmentCounseling & Human Development
Chemical EngineeringMSMEng4PhDEngineeringChemical Engineering
ChemistryMSPhDArts & SciencesChemistry
Civil EngineeringMS*MEng4PhDEngineeringCivil & Environmental Engineering
Clinical Investigation SciencesMScCertificatePublic Health & Information Science
CommunicationMAArts & SciencesCommunication
Communicative DisordersMSMedicineOtolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Community HealthMEd2Education & Human DevelopmentHealth & Sports Sciences
Computer Engineering & Computer ScienceMS*MEng4PhDEngineeringComputer Engineering & Computer Science
Counseling & Personnel ServicesMEdPhDEducation & Human DevelopmentCounseling & Human Development
Criminal JusticeMS*PhDArts & SciencesCriminal Justice
Curriculum and InstructionPhDEducation & Human Development
CybersecurityCertificate*EngineeringComputer Engineering & Computer Science
Data ScienceCertificate*EngineeringComputer Engineering & Computer Science
Diversity LiteracyCertificateArts & SciencesPhilosophy
Early Childhood Education, InterdisciplinaryMATEducation & Human DevelopmentEarly Childhood & Elementary Education
Educational AdministrationEdS (post-master's)5Education & Human DevelopmentEducational Leadership, Evaluation, and Organizational Development
Educational Leadership & Organizational DevelopmentEdDEducation & Human DevelopmentEducational Leadership & Organizational Development
Educational Leadership & Organizational DevelopmentPhDEducation & Human DevelopmentEducational Leadership & Organizational Development
Electrical EngineeringMSMEng4PhDEngineeringElectrical Engineering
Elementary Education (Early)MATRANK I3Education & Human DevelopmentEarly Childhood & Elementary Education
Engineering ManagementMEng*EngineeringIndustrial Engineering
EnglishMAPhDArts & SciencesEnglish
Environmental EngineeringCertificateEngineeringCivil & Environmental Engineering
EpidemiologyMSPhDPublic Health & Information ScienceEpidemiology & Population Health
Exercise PhysiologyMSEducation & Human DevelopmentHealth & Sport Sciences
Franchise ManagementCertificate*Business
French, Language & LiteratureMA2Arts & SciencesClassical & Modern Languages
Geography, AppliedMSArts & SciencesGeography & Geosciences
Health AdministrationMSPublic Health & Information ScienceHealth Management & Systems Sciences
Health & Physical EducationMATEducation & Human DevelopmentTeaching & Learning
Health Data Analytics7MSPublic Health & Information ScienceHealth Management & Systems Science
Health Professions EducationCertificateEducation & Human Development
Higher Education AdministrationMA*Education & Human DevelopmentEducational Leadership, Evaluation, & Organizational Development
HistoryMAArts & SciencesHistory
Human Resources & Organization Development MS*Education & Human DevelopmentEducational Leadership, Evaluation & Organizational Development
HumanitiesMAPhDArts & SciencesHumanities
Industrial EngineeringMSMEng4PhDEngineeringIndustrial Engineering
Instructional TechnologyMEdEducation & Human DevelopmentMiddle & Secondary Education
Interdisciplinary StudiesMA (also MS see next column) MSPhDInterdisciplinary & Graduate StudiesInterdisciplinary Studies
Latin American & Latino StudiesCertificateArts & SciencesLatin American & Latino Studies​
LiteracyMEdEducation & Human Development
MathematicsMAPhDArts & SciencesMathematics
Mechanical EngineeringMSMEng4PhDEngineeringMechanical Engineering
Medieval & Renaissance StudiesCertificateArts & SciencesHistory
Microbiology & ImmunologyMSPhDMedicineMicrobiology & Immunology
Middle Grades EducationRANK I3Education & Human DevelopmentMiddle & Secondary Education
Middle School EducationMATEducation & Human DevelopmentMiddle & Secondary Education
Middle School Education, alt. certificationMATEducation & Human DevelopmentMiddle & Secondary Education
Music CompositionMMMusicMusic
Music EducationMATMMEEducation & Human Development, Music
Music History and LiteratureMMMusicMusic
Music PerformanceMMMusicMusic
Music TheoryMMMusicMusic
Neuroscience, Translational6PhD6Interdisciplinary & Graduate StudiesInterdisciplinary Studies
Nursing PracticeDNPNursingNursing
Oral BiologyMSDentistry
Pan-African StudiesMAPhDCertificateArts & SciencesPan-African Studies
Pharmacology & ToxicologyMSPhDMedicinePharmacology & Toxicology
PhysicsMSPhDArts & SciencesPhysics & Astronomy
Police Executive LeadershipCertificateArts & SciencesCriminal Justice
Political ScienceMAArts & SciencesPolitical Science
Psychology, ClinicalPhDArts & SciencesPsychological & Brain Sciences
Psychology, ExperimentalPhDArts & SciencesPsychological & Brain Sciences
Public AdministrationMPAArts & SciencesUrban & Public Administration
Public HealthMPHPublic Health & Information SciencePublic Health
Public Health Sciences, Environmental HealthPhDPublic Health & Information ScienceEnvironmental & Occupational Health Sciences
Public Health Sciences, EpidemiologyPhDPublic Health & Information ScienceEpidemiology & Population Health
Public Health Sciences, Health Management & PolicyPhDPublic Health & Information ScienceHealth Management & Systems Sciences
Public Health Sciences, Health PromotionPhDPublic Health & Information ScienceHealth Promotion & Behavioral Sciences
Public HistoryCertificateArts & SciencesHistory
Real Estate DevelopmentCertificateArts & SciencesUrban & Public Affairs
School Social WorkRANK I3Education & Human DevelopmentSpecial Education
Secondary EducationMATRANK I3Education & Human DevelopmentMiddle & Secondary Education
Secondary Education, alt. certificationMATEducation & Human DevelopmentMiddle & Secondary Education
Social WorkMSSW*PhDRANK I3Social WorkSocial Work
SociologyMAPhDArts & SciencesSociology
SpanishMAArts & SciencesClassical & Modern Languages
Special EducationMATMEd*RANK I3Education & Human DevelopmentSpecial Education
Special Education, alt. certificationMATEducation & Human DevelopmentSpecial Education
Special Education, non-teachingMEdEducation & Human DevelopmentSpecial Education
Sport AdministrationMS*Education & Human DevelopmentHealth & Sport Sciences
Structural EngineeringCertificate*EngineeringCivil & Environmental Engineering
Studio Art & Design (also see Art)MFAArts & SciencesFine Arts
Sustainability6MA & MS6Interdisciplinary & Graduate StudiesUrban & Public Affairs
Teacher LeadershipMEd*Education & Human Development
Theatre ArtsMFAArts & SciencesFine Arts
Translation & InterpretingCertificateArts & SciencesClassical & Modern Languages
Transportation EngineeringCertificate*EngineeringCivil & Environmental Engineering
Urban & Public AffairsPhDArts & SciencesUrban & Public Affairs
Urban PlanningMUPArts & SciencesUrban & Public Affairs
Women's & Gender StudiesMACertificateArts & SciencesWomen's & Gender Studies

Doctor of Audiology – AuD

Doctor of Nursing Practice  DNP

Doctor of Education – EdD

Specialist in Education – EdS

Doctor of Philosophy – PhD

Master of Arts – MA

Master of Accountancy – MAc

Master of Arts in Teaching – MAT

Master of Business Administration – MBA

Master of Education – MEd

Masters Engineering – MEng

Master of Fine Arts – MFA

Master of Music – MM

Master of Music Education in Music Education – MME

Master of Public Administration – MPA

Master of Public Health – MPH

Master of Science – MS

Master of Science in Clinical Investigation Sciences – MSc

Master of Science in Dentistry  MSD

Master of Science in Nursing – MSN

Master of Science in Social Work – MSSW

Master of Urban Planning – MUP

Graduate Certificates – CERT

Programs for Certified Teachers (Rank 1)

Endorsements for Certified Teachers

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Business

School of Dentistry

College of Education and Human Development

School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies

Kent School of Social Work

School of Medicine

School of Music

School of Nursing

School of Public Health and Information Sciences

Speed School of Engineering

Dual Degree Programs

A dual degree program is a formalized path of study that allows a student to pursue two different degrees at the same time, either at the same institution or at different institutions, and possibly complete them in less time than it would take to earn them separately. The two degrees may be in the same subject or in two different subjects; they may be at the same level (e.g., master's-master's) or at two different levels (e.g., doctoral-master's).

Students must meet the admission requirements for both degree programs. Other limitations or requirements may apply, depending on the program. Interested individuals may click on the links below for additional information.

Dual Dentistry-Graduate Degree Programs

Dual Law-Graduate Degree Programs

Dual Medicine-Graduate Degree Programs

Dual Graduate-Graduate Degree Programs