Pan-African Studies (CERT)

Admission Requirements

Admission to the graduate certificate in Pan-African Studies is open, potentially, to any student who has completed at a minimum baccalaureate degree. Post-baccalaureate students wishing to pursue the certificate outside the framework of a graduate degree program must apply for admission through and meet the general requirements for admission to the Graduate School.  These requirements include the submission of:

  • A graduate admissions application
  • An official transcript reflecting previous degrees earned
  • At least two letters of recommendation
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores of the General Test Section

If resource limitations necessitate the imposition of restrictions, the PAS Graduate Programs Committee will select students based on the following criteria: 1) undergraduate record; 2) letters of recommendation; 3) personal interview; and 4) GRE scores.

Graduate students wishing to pursue the certificate program in Pan-African Studies in conjunction with a graduate degree must meet the requirements for admission to that degree program and should then apply for the certificate program by consulting the PAS Director of Graduate Studies after admission.  Depending on the structure of the degree program, coursework toward the certificate may be either additional hours beyond those required for the degree or elective hours toward the degree or a combination of the two.  The PAS Director of Graduate Studies shall then inform the student's degree program chair and work to coordinate the completion of degree and graduate certificate program requirements.

Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Pan-African Studies

Approved PAS Courses (available in the Department of Pan-African Studies) 19
Historical Studies (3 credit hours)
Cultural Studies (3 credit hours)
Social Studies (3 credit hours)
Approved Electives 26
Minimum Total Hours15

Courses must be approved for graduate credit in accordance with the policies of the Graduate School. Students may not apply 500-level courses taken for undergraduate credit. 

At least three (3) credit hours must be at the 600 level.

Coursework toward the Graduate Certificate in Pan-African Studies may also count toward the student's graduate degree.


 Substitutions must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.


For students pursuing graduate degrees, at least one course must be outside of the department in which the student is pursuing the degree.  Substitutions must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.