Health Professions Education (MS)

Admission Requirements

The required credentials for admission include:

  • Admission to Graduate School  
    1.  For applicants with a terminal degree, a curriculum vitae and all transcripts must be submitted; OR 
    2. For applicants without a terminal degree, a curriculum vitae and all transcripts must be submitted, plus a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 for all undergraduate and graduate coursework.

Degree Requirements

HPE Core 1
LEAD 665Foundations of Health Professions Education3
LEAD 675Teaching and Learning in Health Professions Education3
LEAD 676Instructional Strategies in Health Professions Education3
LEAD 685Evidence-based Practice in HPE3
LEAD 607Principles of Educational Leadership3
Education Core
LEAD 666Program Development & Assessment in Higher Education3
LEAD 694Diversity in Higher Education3
LEAD 661Adult & Organizational Learning3
or LEAD 681 The Philosophy of Higher Education
HPE Core + Ed Core
Electives* Choose 6 hours from approved list6
Exit Requirement
LEAD 697Organizational Improvement in Higher Education3
Minimum Total Hours33

1 Mid-Point Assessment:  Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA (no grade less than a "B") in HPE specific courses to remain in the program.

Approved Electives
LEAD 600Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics3
LEAD 661Adult & Organizational Learning3
LEAD 681The Philosophy of Higher Education3
LEAD 678American College and University3
LEAD 668Academic Advising3
LEAD 670Instructional Strategies3
LEAD 683College Teaching3
LEAD 687Education Policy & Equity3

Exit Assessment:  A minimum of 33 credit hours with an overall grade point average of 3.0, and no more than two grades of C.