Diversity Literacy (CERT)

Graduate Certificate in Diversity Literacy 
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences (GA)
Department: Philosophy
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Academic Plan Code(s): DILICDL

Program Information

The Certificate in Diversity Literacy will provide a unique opportunity for students who have already earned bachelor's degrees to enhance their knowledge and skills of the theory and practice of inclusion and equity, including what diversity means, what its personal and social effects are, and how it shapes lives, workplaces, and pedagogy. This knowledge base and skill set will allow, for example, educators to become more inclusive in their pedagogy, employees to work more effectively in multicultural teams, and managers to become better supervisors by better understanding their cultural assumptions and those of their employees.

Admission Requirements

Anyone who has earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university may apply.

The application for graduate programs at the University of Louisville can be found at: louisville.edu/graduate/apply

The following materials will be necessary to complete an application:

  • Official transcripts of prior undergraduate and graduate work;
  • Two letters of recommendation;
  • A 2-3 page essay describing the applicant's interest in the program and how it will benefit her or his course of study and/or career path.

Program Requirements

The curriculum for this certificate consists of 18 total credit hours, structured as follows:
PHIL 690Fundamentals of Diversity3
Electives in courses with a diversity focus (list of eligible electives is below) 112
PHIL 691Capstone in Diversity Literacy3
Minimum Total Hours18

Eligible Electives

Special topics courses and courses from outside of the College of Arts and Sciences may be substituted with the approval of the Director.
ANTH 627Political Economy and Culture3
ANTH 624Black Cultural Traditions3
COMM 630Communication and Multiculturalism3
ENGL 520World Englishes3
ENGL 549Studies in Post-Colonial and/or Ethnic Literature - CUE3
ENGL 550Studies in African-American Literature - CUE3
ENGL 554Women's Personal Narratives - CUE3
ENGL 570Language and Social Identity3
ENGL 567Post-Colonial Voices: Writing Experience in African Literature - CUE, WR3
ENGL 575Genre Studies in African-American Literature - CUE3
ENGL/PAS 577The Harlem Renaissance - CUE3
ENGL 660African-American Literature3
FREN 506/WGST 571Francophone Women Writers3
GEOG/LALS 510Urbanism in the Global South: Cities and Space3
GEOG 529Geography of Urban Issues3
HIST 506Women in 19th Century America - WR3
HIST 512History of the Jews in America - CUE, WR3
HIST 583/WGST 531/631Women in the Twentieth Century in Europe and the U.S. - CUE, WR3
HIST/WGST 584Women in East Asian History3
HIST 588/WGST 530/630Feminism in Western Civilization, 1790-1920 - WR3
HIST 590Studies in African History - CUE, WR3
HIST 592Civilizations of Modern India - CUE, WR3
HIST 593American Image of the Middle East - CUE3
HUM 513Topics in Comparative Religions3
HUM 512/612Topics in Contemporary Religious Thought3
HUM 513/613Topics in Comparative Religions3
HUM 514/614Perspectives on Religious Coexistence and Conflict3
HUM 515/615Topics in Gender and the Humanities3
LALS 680Issues in Latin American and Latino Studies3
LING/ENGL 520World Englishes3
PAS 520/620The Black Family - WR3
PAS 532Slave Trade and Slavery in the African World3
PAS 542/643/WGST 543/643Black Women's Voices - WR3
PAS 619Advanced Seminar in African-American Studies3
PAS 620Black Literature & Popular Culture3
PHIL 516/616/PAS 616African-American Philosophy3
PHIL 519/619Topics in Philosophy of Race and Racism3
PHIL 557/657African Philosophy3
PHIL 582/682/WGST 582/682Gender, Race, and Culture in Health Care3
POLS 563/WGST 558Women in Developing Countries - WR3
PSYC 566Race and Gender in Psychological Research3
SOC 512/612/WGST 512/612Gender, Race, Work, and Welfare3
SOC 636Sociology of Human Sexuality3
SOC 685Race and Ethnicity3
SPAN 554Hispanic Culture through Film and Media3
SPAN 644Approaches to Hispanic Literature3
SPAN 648Hispanic Cultural Studies3
TA 532Advanced Directing the Black Experience3
TA 547Advanced Black Aesthetic on Stage3
TA 562Advanced Black Dramatic Literature3
TA 563Advanced African-American Women in Theatre3
TA 566Advanced History of African-American Theatre3
TA 664Approaching African-American Theatre3
WGST 512/612/SOC 512/612Gender, Race, Work, and Welfare3
WGST/PAS 513U.S. Social Justice Movements3
WGST 545/645/PAS 645Southern Women: Black and White3
WGST 547Language, Race, Class, and Gender3
WGST 513U.S. Social Justice Movements3
WGST 520/620Women's Personal Narratives3
WGST 522/622The Body in Popular Media - WR3
WGST 523Gender and Popular Music - WR3
WGST 532/632History of American Sexualities - WR3
WGST 533/633Women in 19th-Century America - WR3
WGST 538/SPAD 529Woman and Sport3
WGST 545/645/PAS 645Southern Women: Black and White3
WGST 547Language, Race, Class, and Gender3
WGST 615/SOC 642Seminar in the Sociology of Disabilities3