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Master of Science in Business Analytics
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Program Information

The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) is an accelerated, cohort-based 13-month, three-semester program. Students work both in teams and independently in completing the coursework.

The MSBA curriculum combines information systems technologies, data modeling, and analytics with business acumen and impactful communications to develop the skills necessary to become a successful business analyst with excellent potential for professional growth. The program is also designed and delivered in close collaboration with local businesses providing a strong business orientation, increasing your skill relevance in the marketplace upon graduation.

Admission Requirements

  1. Completion of an application along with application fee
  2. Provision of two letters of reference, a resume, and a personal statement
  3. Completion of an undergraduate degree along with official transcripts
  4. GMAT or GRE score: May be waived for applicants with significant work experience in the field of analytics or for applicants with significant academic exposure (e.g., major or minor) in a STEM or technical field

Program Requirements

The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program—and the following proposed program curriculum—was approved by the Kentucky Council on Post-secondary Education in April 2018 for offer at the University of Louisville beginning in Fall 2018. Specific course information is preliminary, pending final institutional approvals.

Core Courses and Special Topics

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
MSBA 605 Programming for Analytics 1.5
MSBA 610 Linear Algebra 1.5
MSBA 615 Introduction to Statistical Packages 1.5
MSBA 620 Data Analytics I 3.0
MSBA 625 Storytelling with Data 3.0
MSBA 655 Special Topics: Marketing Analytics 1.5
MSBA 635 Data Analytics II 3.0
MSBA 645 Data Mining 3.0
MSBA 650 Data Analytics III 3.0
MSBA 640 Decision Models 3.0
MSBA 685 Analytics Internship (Capstone or Internship) 3.0
MSBA 630 Data Management 3.0
 Minimum Total Hours30

Internship or Capstone

A competitive internship opportunity or capstone project is offered to students in the MSBA program as a requirement that brings real-world business experience to the MSBA program.

One of the following:
MSBA 685Analytics Internship (11-month internship, Terms 2-8)1
MSBA 685Analytics Internship (Capstone, Terms 7 & 8)1

The internship is determined on a competitive basis and lasts 11-months. It is an innovative, unique partnership between the College of Business and the business community. Students access exceptional employment opportunities which provide real-world work experience in business settings. The benefits of an internship cannot be overstated. The salary helps offset some of the tuition requirements and the added workplace experience and improved resume credentials provide students a significant advantage upon graduation.

If a student already has employment or doesn’t want an internship, a capstone course is offered for the same credit hours. The capstone course provides students the opportunity to work with businesses to solve a real business problem. They gain experience with the analytical demands of real business situations.