New Graduate Student Information

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The University of Louisville operates on a semester system that includes a Fall semester, Spring semester, and Summer semester with multiple terms. The university has a computerized admissions and registration system. Students are advised to include their full name and date of birth on all correspondence with the university to facilitate the identification of admission credentials and requests for information. Students who do not enroll for the semester for which they apply may contact their department and request their admission be changed to a future date. In some cases, applicants may be asked to reapply and resubmit credentials. The university holds credentials on applicants for a limited time.

Student Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the graduate student to become familiar with and observe all policies and requirements of the Graduate School and of his or her particular degree program and department. Policies, procedures, and requirements are subject to change, and it is the responsibility of the graduate student to keep her/himself apprised of current regulations. All students must respond to official notices issued by administrative offices and instructors, whether these notices be posted on official bulletin boards, are sent through postal, or email. A student's status is not dependent upon a written notification but is a consequence of circumstances in the admission process and the student's academic performance. Written notification is simply a verification of status.

Graduate Credit

Courses listed in this catalog are offered for graduate credit. To receive graduate credit, a student must register for the course through the Graduate School or through another graduate-level program, such as a masters or doctoral program. Students who take courses as post-baccalaureate non-degree students, may not receive graduate credit for them.


Prerequisites for all courses include graduate status and the consent of the graduate advisor (for registration). Specific course prerequisites are indicated in the course listing.