Financial Settlement


Financial Settlement

Continuing Registration

Tuition and fees are due on, or before, the designated due date for the semester. Payment Due Dates are noted on the Bursar website.  Payment may be made by cash, paper check, money order, or financial aid credit. All electronic check (ACH) or Credit Card payments (transaction fee applies) may only be remitted electronically via ULink.  Payments also may be made by mail or at the Office of the Bursar. 

For Payment Option information visit:

Failure to receive a Statement of Account will not relieve the student of the responsibility for making financial settlement by the designated due date. Registrations which are not financially settled by the designated due date will be placed on financial hold and affected students will not be permitted to add or swap classes until their student account is financially settled.

The due dates are listed in the current Registration Information newspaper and on the Bursar’s website (Payment Due Dates).

Regular Registration

Students should be prepared to fully settle financial obligations by the last day to drop/add for the semester. Failure to fully settle financial obligations may result in financial penalties.

Financial Settlement Options

Due dates, payment information, payment plan options, and payment plan forms for specific semesters are updated regularly on the Bursar's website.

Please address your questions to the Bursar's Office by email at

Financial Penalties

Students whose accounts are not paid by established semester deadlines may be subject to financial penalties. Students with unpaid account balances will be placed on Financial Hold by the Bursar’s Office. Students placed on Financial Hold become ineligible for further registration and transcripts will not be released until the student account is paid in full.

A late payment fee of $100.00 may be assessed when student accounts are not paid by the last day to drop/add.

A student whose payment is not honored by the bank on which it was drawn may be assessed a return payment fee. If restitution is not made within 10 days of notification, the student may be subject to course cancellation and/or legal action.

Debtors who do not make satisfactory payment arrangements on their past due accounts may have their accounts placed with a collection agency. Students will be responsible to reimburse the University for the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage of the delinquent account balance (to a maximum of 40 percent of the delinquent account balance), and will also be liable for all reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs and expenses incurred by the University in its collection efforts.  The University of Louisville, or associated vendor partners, may also report to the credit bureau organization(s) any information regarding any unpaid obligation. 

Withdrawal Policy

The effective withdrawal date is the date on which the withdrawal is processed in the Student Records System. This date is used in calculating any applicable tuition reduction.

More information on withdrawals can be found in the Course Registration Policies section of the undergraduate catalog. 

Tuition Reduction

When a student officially withdraws from the University or from any course, or courses, for which hourly tuition rates apply, tuition and student activity fee charges will be adjusted according to the tuition reduction schedule printed in the Registration Information newspaper. The full amount of tuition/fee charges for the semester will be due unless the withdrawal occurs during the tuition reduction period.  The tuition reduction schedule for each semester is available on the Bursar’s website (Tuition Adjustment Schedule).

This policy applies to all tuition and student activity fees except for nonrefundable deposits. Course fees, special fees, and laboratory fees are reduced only with the 100% adjustment.

Financial Aid Recipients

Determinations regarding refunds of resulting credit balances will be based on regulations governing the financial aid awarded to the student. Federal regulations mandate that students have the right to cancel all or a portion of an EFT loan.

To request cancellation of all or a portion of your loan, contact the Financial Aid Office in writing:

Financial Aid Office
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292