Undergraduate Programs of Study


The programs listed below are offered at the undergraduate level. Students interested in post-baccalaureate, graduate-level programs should refer to the graduate catalog.

Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Programs

Programs marked by a caret (^) include accelerated options that can allow qualified students to complete both a bachelor's and a master's degree in a shortened timeline and at a reduced cost.

Online Programs

Programs marked with an asterisk (*) are available for completion entirely online.

Post-baccalaureate Programs

Programs marked with a pound/hash symbol (#) are post-baccalaureate programs, designed for individuals who have completed a bachelor's degree in another field and are seeking additional undergraduate-level education in the area listed.

Program BA BS or Discipline-Specific Minor Certificate College or School Department
Accountancy/ Accounting-BSBA*-Post-Bac Certificate*#BusinessAccounting
Actuarial Mathematics--Minor-Arts & SciencesMathematics
Aerospace Studies--Minor-Arts & SciencesAerospace Science
American Sign Language Interpreting Studies-BS--Arts & SciencesClassical and Modern Languages
AnthropologyBA^BS--Arts & SciencesAnthropology
Archaeology--Minor-Arts & SciencesAnthropology
ArtBA-Minor-Arts & SciencesFine Arts
Art - Fine Art-BFA--Arts & SciencesFine Arts
Art HistoryBA^-Minor-Arts & SciencesFine Arts
Asian StudiesBA-Minor-Arts & SciencesAsian Studies
Atmospheric Science-BS1--Arts & SciencesPhysics and Astronomy
Bioengineering-BS--Engineering Bioengineering
BiologyBA^BS^Minor-Arts & Sciences Biology
Black Performance Studies--Minor-Arts & SciencesTheatre Arts and Pan-African Studies
Business AdministrationBBA*-Minor-Business Business
Business Economics-BS--Business Economics
Chemical Engineering-BS--Engineering Chemical Engineering
ChemistryBABSMinor-Arts & SciencesChemistry
Chinese--Minor-Arts & SciencesClassical and Modern Languages
Chinese Studies--Minor-Arts & SciencesAsian Studies
Civil Engineering-BS--Engineering Civil Engineering
CommunicationBA*BS*Minor-Arts & SciencesCommunication
Community Health--Minor1-Education & Human Dev.Health and Sport Sciences
Computer Information Systems-BSBAMinor-Business Computer Information Systems
Computer Science & Engineering-BSMinor-Engineering Computer Science & Engineering
Criminal Justice-BS*^Minor-Arts & SciencesCriminal Justice
Criminal Justice with a 3+3 Track to Law-BS--Arts & SciencesCriminal Justice
Dental Hygiene-BS--Dentistry Dental Hygiene
Early Elementary Education-BS--Education & Human Dev.Early Childhood and Elementary Education
EconomicsBABSMinor-Business Economics
Electrical Engineering-BS--Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering
EnglishBA---Arts & SciencesEnglish
English Creative Writing--Minor-Arts & SciencesEnglish
English Literature--Minor-Arts & SciencesEnglish
Entrepreneurship--Minor-Business Business
Environmental Health--Minor1-Public Health & Info. Sci.Environmental Health
Equine Business-BSBAMinorPost-Bac Certificate#Business Equine
Exercise Science--Minor-Education & Human Dev.Health and Sports Sciences
Finance-BSBAMinor-Business Finance
Forensic Anthropology--Minor-Arts & Sciences Anthropology
FrenchBA-Minor-Arts & Sciences Classical and Modern Languages
Geography--Minor-Arts & Sciences Geography & Geoscience
Geography, Applied-BS--Arts & SciencesGeography & Geoscience
Geography (Environmental Analysis)--Minor-Arts & Sciences Geography & Geoscience
Geospatial Technologies, Applied---Certificate*Arts & SciencesGeography & Geoscience
German--Minor-Arts & Sciences Classical and Modern Languages
Global Public Health--Minor-Arts & Sciences Liberal Studies, Anthropology, Public Health
Health and Human Performance-BS--Education & Human Dev.Health & Sports Sciences
Healthcare Leadership--Minor-Education & Human Dev.Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development
Healthcare Management--Minor-Public Health & Info. Sci.
HistoryBA^-Minor-Arts & SciencesHistory
History with 3+3 Track to LawBA---Arts & SciencesHistory
Human Resource Leadership---Certificate*Education & Human Dev.Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development
HumanitiesBA^-Minor-Arts & SciencesComparative Humanities
Individualized Studies (Liberal Studies)BA---Arts & SciencesLiberal Studies
Industrial Engineering-BS--Engineering Industrial Engineering
International Business--Minor-BusinessBusiness
Italian--Minor-Arts & SciencesClassical and Modern Languages
Jewish Studies--Minor-Arts & SciencesComparative Humanities
Latin American and Latino StudiesBA-Minor-Arts & SciencesLatin American and Latino Studies
Leadership--Minor-Arts & SciencesMilitary Science
Leadership and Talent Development--MinorCollege of Education & Human Dev.Educational Leadership, Eval. and Org. Dev.
LGBTQ Health Studies---CertificateArts & SciencesWomen's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
LGBTQ Studies--Minor-Arts & SciencesWomen's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Linguistics--Minor-Arts & SciencesComparative Humanities
Management-BSBAMinor-Business Management
Marketing-BSBAMinor-Business Marketing
MathematicsBA^BS^Minor-Arts & SciencesMathematics
Mechanical Engineering-BS--Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Middle East and Islamic Studies--Minor-Arts & SciencesMEIS Program
Middle/Secondary Education-BS--Education & Human Dev.Middle/Secondary Education
Music Composition-BM--MusicMusic
Music GeneralBA---MusicMusic
Music History-BM--MusicMusic
Music Instrumental Performance-BM--MusicMusic
Music Jazz Performance-BM--MusicMusic
Music Jazz StudiesBA---MusicMusic
Music Organ Performance-BM--MusicMusic
Music Piano Performance-BM--MusicMusic
Music Theory-BM--MusicMusic
Music Therapy-BM--MusicMusic
Music Vocal Performance-BM--MusicMusic
Music with Emphasis in Music Education-BM--MusicMusic
Neuroscience-BS--Arts & SciencesPsychology and Brain Sciences
Nursing (RN-BSN Online Program)-BSN*--NursingNursing
Nursing, Pre-Licensure Program-BSN--NursingNursing
Organizational Leadership and Learning, Healthcare Leadership-BS*--Education & Human DevelopmentLeadership, Foundations & Human Resource Education
Organizational Leadership and Learning-BS*--Education & Human Dev. Leadership, Foundations & Human Resource Education
Pan-African StudiesBABSMinor-Arts & SciencesPan-African Studies
Paralegal Studies-AA1--Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Peace, Justice, and Conflict Transformation--MinorCertificateArts & SciencesPeace, Conflict, & Social Justice
PhilosophyBA-Minor-Arts & SciencesPhilosophy
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)--Minor-Philosophy, Political Science, Economics
PhysicsBABS^Minor-Arts & SciencesPhysics and Astronomy
Police Executive Leadership Development---CertificateArts & SciencesCriminal Justice
Political ScienceBA^BS^Minor-Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
PsychologyBA*BSMinor-Arts & SciencesPsychological and Brain Sciences
Public HealthBA^BSMinor-Public Health & Info. Sci.Public Health
Public Health Nutrition--Minor-Public Health & Info. Sci.
Race/Gender Studies--Minor-Arts & SciencesWomen's and Gender Studies and Pan-African Studies
Religious Studies--Minor-Arts & SciencesComparative Humanities
Russian Studies--Minor-Arts & SciencesClassical and Modern Languages
Social Change--Minor-Arts & SciencesPeace, Conflict, & Social Justice
Social Work-BSW*--Social WorkSocial Work
Socio-Cultural Anthropology--Minor-Arts & SciencesAnthropology
SociologyBA*BSMinor-Arts & SciencesSociology
SpanishBA^-Minor-Arts & SciencesClassical and Modern Languages
Sport Administration-BS*Minor-Education & Human Dev.Health & Sports Sciences
Statistics & Data Science, Applied--Minor-Public Health & Info. Sci.
SustainabilityBA---Arts & SciencesUrban & Public Affairs
Theatre Arts-BSMinor-Arts & SciencesTheatre Arts
Urban and Regional Analysi--Minor-Arts & SciencesGeography and Geosciences
Urban Studies-BS--College of Arts and SciencesUrban and Public Affairs
Wellness Coaching--Minor-Nursing
Women's, Gender & Sexuality StudiesBA*^BS^Minor-Arts & SciencesWomen's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies with a 3+3 Track to LawBA---Arts & SciencesWomen's, Gender & Sexuality Studies