Latin American and Latino Studies (Minor)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2021–Spring 2022 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Minor in Latin American and Latino Studies
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences (AS)
Program: Latin American and Latino Studies 
Academic Plan Code(s): LSLAMINOR

Program Requirements

LALS 310Introduction to Latin American Studies - D2, SB3
LALS 311Introduction to Latino Studies - SB, D13
LALS 400Latin American and Latino Studies Internship - WR, CUE3
Spanish or Portuguese course at the 200 level or above3
Select one course in a Humanities area from the following:3
Selected Topics in Art History 1
Mexican Art and Architecture
Special Topics 1
Pan-African Art: Form and Content
Minority Traditions in American Literature - AH, D1
Women and Global Literature - D2, AH
Special Topics: Studies in Post-Colonial and/or Ethnic Literature - CUE
Women's Personal Narratives - CUE
Honors Seminar in Humanities - WR 1
African-American Religion - AH, D1
Culture of Iberia-Latin America
Native American Cultures
Selected Topics 1
Exploring Latin America - AH, D2
Panamanian Culture - D2, SB
Cultures of Latin America - D2, AH
Special Topics in Language, Literature, or Culture
Latin American Literature
Special Topics
Special Topics in Spanish Literature, Language, and Culture 1
Foundations of Latin American Nations and Identities
Cultural and Literary Perspectives on Modern Latin America
Special Topics in Spanish Culture, Literature and Linguistics 1
Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
Latin American Literature: Colonial Period through 19th Century
Contemporary Spanish-American Theatre
Spanish-American Poetry
Spanish-American Narrative
Hispanic Culture through Film and Media
Special Topics 1
Cultural Diversity in Performance - AH, D1
Theatre of the African World - AH, D2
Special Topics in Theatre
Select one course in Social Sciences from the following:3
Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica
The Anthropology of Latin America - D2, SB
Globalizing Inequalities - WR
Anthropology of Refugees
Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology
Advanced Intercultural Communication - CUE, WR
Special Topics in Communication Studies 1
Urbanism in the Global South: Cities and Space
Studies in History
Colonial Latin America
Latin America, 1820 to Present
Women in Latin American History
Advanced Studies in History
Twentieth-Century Latin America - WR, CUE
The U.S. and Latin America - WR, CUE
The History of Mexico: Pre-Columbian to the Present - WR, CUE
Honors Seminar in Humanities - WR 1
Honors Seminar in Social Sciences - WR 1
Social Sciences Special Topics in Latino Studies
Social Science Special Topics in Latin American Studies
Global Marketing
Introduction to Caribbean Studies - SB, D2
Survey of Brazilian Music
Survey of American Diversity - D1, SB
Language, Protest and Identity - SB, D1
Slave Trade and Slavery
African Languages in the Diaspora - D1, SB
African Diaspora in the Caribbean and Latin America
Faces of Global Poverty - WR
History of the Caribbean
The Black Atlantic
Advanced Topics in Afro-American and African Studies
Slave Trade and Slavery in the African World
The History and Popular Culture of the African Diaspora
Black Women's Voices - WR
Language, Race, Class and Gender
Pan-African Art: Form and Content
Race, Law and Politics - SB, D1
International Relations
The United Nations and International Organization - WR
International Law - WR
Politics of European Integration and Foreign Policy
Law, Diplomacy and Power: The Foreign Relations of the U.S.
Latin American Politics - D2, SB
Latin America in the World
Topics in International Relations
International Negotiation
Women in Developing Countries - WR
Race in the United States - SB, D1
Diversity and Inequality
Faces of Global Poverty - WR
Social Inequality & Stratification - WR, CUE
Race and Ethnicity - WR, CUE
Women in Latin American History
Faces of Global Poverty - WR
Community Internship
Women's Personal Narratives
Women in Developing Countries - WR
Topics in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies: Humanities
Elective with a substantial Latin American content 23
Minimum Total Hours21

Course substitutions must be approved by the Director of Latin American and Latino Studies program.

At least three (3) semester hours of the requirements for a minor must be successfully completed while enrolled in the University of Louisville.