Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Minor)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2023–Spring 2024 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Minor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences; College of Business
Departments: PhilosophyPolitical ScienceEconomics 
Academic Plan Code(s): PPE_MINOR

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) is a rigorous applied course of study particularly well-suited to students going into government, civil service, and/or professional schools (e.g., Law or Medicine).

Students majoring in Philosophy, Political Science, or Economics often can complete the PPE minor in only 18 additional hours, applying 6 hours in-common between the minor and the major. 

Program Requirements

Required Courses6
Introduction to Philosophy, Politics, and Economics - SB
Selected Readings in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Select two Philosophy courses from the following:6
Freedom, Equality, Justice, and Community - SB
Feminist Philosophy - AH, D1
Philosophy of Race and Racism - AH, D1
Environmental Ethics
Philosophy of Law
African-American Philosophy
Political Philosophy
Critical Social Theory
Race, Medicine, and Health
Philosophical Foundations of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Select two Political Science courses from the following:6
Urban Political Economy
Public Policy - SB
The Politics of Global Economic Relations
Global Environmental Politics
Environmental Policy
Comparative Political Economy
Modern Political Thought
Democracy and Its Critics - WR
Contemporary Political Theory
Select two Economics courses from the following:6
Intermediate Microeconomics
Urban Economics
Labor Economics
Environmental Economics
Law and Economics
Capitalism and Economic Freedom
Public Finance
State and Local Government Finance
History of Economic Thought
Minimum Total Hours24

The student must maintain a 2.00 average in the minor program for its successful completion.

At least three (3) semester hours of the requirements for a minor must be successfully completed while enrolled in the University of Louisville.