Religious Studies (Minor)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2024–Spring 2025 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Minor in Religious Studies
Unit: Arts and Sciences (AS)
Department:  Comparative Humanities 
Academic Plan Code(s): RS_ _MINOR

Program Requirements

HUM 308Studies of Religion - AH3
HUM 510Methods and Theories in the Study of Religion - WR, CUE3
One course from Area A3
Three courses from Area B9
One course from Area C3
Minimum Total Hours21

Area A: Introductory Comparative Courses on Religion

HUM 218Introduction to Eastern Religious Traditions - AH, D23
HUM 219Introduction to Western World Religions - AH, D23
HUM 336Indigenous Religions of North America 3
PAS 351Survey of African Religion and Culture (Cross-listed with HUM 351)3
HUM 351Survey of African Religion and Culture (Cross listed with PAS 351)3

Area B: Advanced Courses on Religion Traditions

HUM 312New Testament3
HUM 319Survey of Christian Thought, Religion and Culture3
HUM 335Modern Christian Thought3
Asian Religions
HUM 341/AST 340South Asian Religious Thought and Culture - AH, D23
HUM 343East Asian Religious Thought and Culture - D2, AH3
HUM 314Buddhist Scriptures3
HUM 342Eastern Mysticism3
HUM 306Survey of Islamic Thought, Religion and Culture3
HUM 313Introduction to the Qur'an3
HUM 316Modern Islamic Thought3
HUM 309Survey of Jewish Thought, Religion and Culture - WR3
HUM 311Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament3
HUM 315Jewish Religious Diversity: Culture and Counter Culture - AH, D23
HUM 317Modern Jewish Thought3

Area C: Topics

HUM 336Indigenous Religions of North America 3
HUM 338Greek Mythology3
HUM 339Studies in World Mythology - AH, D23
HUM/WGST 340Women and Religion - AH, D23
HUM 344Religion in the United States3
HUM/PAS 349African Americans & Islam3
HUM 377/PAS 317African-American Religion - D1, AH3
HUM/HIST 387The Holocaust, Genocide, and Global Imagination - SBH, D23
HUM 511Topics in the Interpretation of Sacred Texts3
HUM 512Topics in Contemporary Religious Thought3
HUM 513Topics in Comparative Religions3
HUM 514Perspectives on Religious Coexistence and Conflict3
HUM 516Topics in the Histories of Religion3
PAS 351Survey of African Religion and Culture3
PAS 521Religions of the African Diaspora3
HUM 351Survey of African Religion and Culture3

At least three (3) semester hours of the requirements for a minor must be successfully completed while enrolled in the University of Louisville.