Catalog Year


The university issues a catalog annually in conjunction with the start of the summer term, and the degree requirements stated in the annual issue apply to all students who matriculate during that year.  These requirements constitute the “catalog year” for those students and set their degree requirements as long as they are enrolled without a break of more than two calendar years. In other cases, a student may elect to follow the requirements of a later catalog year.  The student’s advisor will assist in identifying the need and benefit of such an election.  The advisor must record this election in the student’s permanent record. 

Students may petition for a variance from the stated degree requirements of their catalog year.  Any variance must be approved by the dean or unit advising director (for unit and major degree requirements) or the provost (for General Education or Cardinal Core requirements).

Students readmitted after an absence of two or more calendar years must reapply for admission.  If readmitted, they are subject to the catalog year requirements in force at the time of their readmission.