Computer Science (Minor)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2024–Spring 2025 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Minor in Computer Science
Unit: Speed School of Engineering (SS)
Department: Computer Science and Engineering 
Academic Plan Code:  CS MINOR

Program Requirements

The minor in Computer Science (CS) program is for undergraduate students who are majoring in disciplines other than Computer Science and Engineering.  The CS minor requires successful completion of 18 credit hours with a GPA of 2.25 or higher.

MATH 180Elements of Calculus - QR (or Equivalent) 13

Admission Requirements
Minimum cumulative GPA:  2.25
Minimum grade in MATH 180 (or equivalent): C-
Minimum number of hours completed:  Sophomore standing

CS Core Requirements
CSE 130Introduction to C and C++ Programming Languages3
CSE 302Data Structures3
CSE 310Discrete Structures3
Choose one course from the following list:3
Introduction to Programming with Python
Introduction to Software Engineering (Prerequisite: CSE 302 and CSE 220)
CS Depth Requirements6
Choose two courses from the following list: 2
Introduction to Algorithms (Prerequisites: CSE 302, CSE 310)
Design of Operating Systems (Prerequisite: CSE 302)
Mobile Device Programming
Automata Theory (Prerequisite: CSE 310)
Game Design and Programming (Prerequisite: CSE 302)
Design of Compilers (Prerequisite: CSE 420)
Python and Data Analytics
Database Systems (Prerequisite: CSE 302)
Graph Database and Graph Analytics
Artificial Intelligence (Prerequisites: CSE 302, CSE 310)
Introduction to Machine Learning
Deep Learning Algorithms and Methods
Software Engineering (Prerequisite: CSE 420)
Introduction to Cryptography
Software Security
Minimum Total Hours18

NOTE:  At least 9 semester hours must be successfully completed while enrolled at the University of Louisville.


Fulfills General Education requirement.


Some courses listed under CS Depth requirements may need further prerequisites to be satisfied.