Peace, Justice, and Conflict Transformation (CPC)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2022–Spring 2023 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Certificate in Peace, Justice and Conflict Transformation
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences (AS)
Academic Plan Code(s): PSCRCPC

Program Requirements

PEAC 325Peace, Justice & Conflict Transformation3
PEAC 350Mediation & Conflict Transformation3
PEAC 550Service Learning in Peacebuilding3
Select one of the following: 3
Race, Culture, Identity
African-American Cultural Traditions
Cultures of the Middle East
Indigenous Peoples of North America - SBH, D1
American Indian Women
Cultures of Africa - SB, D2
The Anthropology of Latin America - D2, SB
Anthropology of Religion
Ecology, Politics and Culture
Globalizing Inequalities - WR
Conflict, Law, and Culture
War and Society - WR
Nationalism, Violence, and the State
Anthropology of Refugees
Human Rights
Global Capitalisms
Food and Body Politic
Anthropology of Water
Special Problems in Studio Art
Ethnicity and Religion in China
Global Capitalisms
Ethnicity and Religion in China
Crime and Justice in the United States - SB
Juvenile Justice
Prisons and Jails in the United States
Crimes Against the Elderly
Substance Abuse, Crime and Criminal Justice
Profiling Violent Crimes
Environmental Crime
Human Trafficking: Critical Thinking About Modern-Day Slavery
Police and the Community
Domestic and Family Violence
Race and Gender Issues in Criminal Justice - WR
Trauma Informed Policing
Ethics in Criminal Justice - WR
African-American Communication - D1, SB
Special Topics in Communication
Communication and Gender
Introduction to Urban Communication
Media, Culture and Society
Advanced Intercultural Communication - CUE, WR
Persuasive Movements
Black Women Novelists - AH, WR, D2
Minority Traditions in English Literatures - AH, D2
Minority Traditions in American Literature - AH, D1
Women and Global Literature - AH, D2
Gender and Children's Literature - AH, D1
LGBTQ Literature in the United States - AH, D1
Special Topics: African-American Literature Before 1900 - WR
Special Topics: Studies in Post-Colonial and/or Ethnic Literature - CUE
Studies in African-American Literature - CUE
Women's Personal Narratives - CUE
Special Topics: Post-Colonial Voices: Writing Experience in African Literature - WR, CUE
Special Topics: Genre Studies in African-American Literature - CUE
Special Topics: The Harlem Renaissance - CUE
Globalization and Diversity - SB, D2
Historical Geography of the United States
Population Geography
Globalization Seminar
U.S. in the Sixties
The History of the Civil Rights Movement, 1900 to Present
U.S. Social Justice Movements of the 20th Century
United States Peace Movement
Gilded Age and Progressive Era United States, 1877-1929 - WR
The American Revolution and the Confederation - CUE, WR
United States Civil War and Reconstruction - WR, CUE
Recent American History, 1945 to Present - WR, CUE
Black Radicalism
Introduction to Latin American Studies - D2, SB
Introduction to Latino Studies - SB, D1
Language, Protest and Identity - SB, D1
Legal Lynchings: A Survey of Race, Law, and the American Justice System
Urban Ritual Violence
Politics, Political Violence and Black Resistance
Politics of the Black Community - SB, D1
Slave Trade and Slavery
Cultural Diversity in Performance - AH, D1
Civil Rights and the Law II
The Black Power Movement
Faces of Global Poverty - WR
The Underground Railroad and American Memory
U.S. Social Justice Movements of the 20th Century
History of Pan-African Social Thought
The Black Family - WR
Slave Trade and Slavery in the African World
Genre Studies in African-American Literature
Contemporary Moral Problems - AH
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy and Feminism - AH, D1
Philosophy of Race and Racism - D1, AH
Environmental Ethics
Philosophy of Emotions
Political Philosophy
Critical Social Theory
Health and Social Justice
Health Care, Justice & Community
Constitutional Law
Judicial Politics
Race, Law and Politics - D1, SB
Religion and United States Politics - SB, D1
Media and Politics
Civil Rights and the Law II
Queer Politics
Women in American Politics
African-American Politics - SB, D1
International Relations
The United Nations and International Organization - WR
International Law - WR
The Politics of Global Economic Relations
Democracy and Its Critics - WR
Political Theory and Utopia - WR
American Utopian Communities
Coping with Conflict
Women in Developing Countries - WR
Multicultural Psychology - WR
Community Internships in Psychology - CUE
International Service Learning and Research - CUE
Social Change
U.S. Social Justice Movements of the 20th Century
Critical Social Theory
Introduction to Social Work - SB, D1
Intimate and Family Relationships - SB
Child Abuse and Neglect (Child Maltreatment)
Intro Social Gerontology
Intro Social Work and the Law
Introduction to Sociology - SB
Social Problems - D1, SB
Race in the United States - D1, SB
Urban Sociology
Environmental Sociology
Diversity and Inequality
Sociology of Women's Health
Globalization, Culture and Third-World Development
Social Change
Social Inequality & Stratification - CUE, WR
Gender in the Middle East
Race and Ethnicity - WR, CUE
Political Sociology - CUE
Gender, Race, Work, and Welfare
Sport for Development and Peace
Introduction to Sustainability - SB
Cultural Diversity in Performance - D1, AH
Sociology of Women's Health
Queer Politics
Communication and Gender
Faces of Global Poverty - WR
Women in American Politics
Philosophy and Feminism - D1, AH
Gender in the Middle East
Gender, Race, Work, and Welfare
U.S. Social Justice Movements of the 20th Century
Women in Developing Countries - WR
Health and Social Justice
Minimum Total Hours12

Special Topics courses may qualify as electives with the approval of both the individual department and the Peace Studies Program Director.

No more than 6 credit hours may count toward both the Social Change Minor and the Certificate in Peace, Justice, and Conflict Transformation.

At least three (3) semester hours of the requirements for a certificate must be successfully completed while enrolled in the University of Louisville.