Equine Business (CEA)

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Equine Business
Unit: College of Business (BU)
Department: Equine
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Academic Plan Code(s): EQNCCEA

Program Information

The certificate in Equine Business is restricted to individuals who have earned either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree and want academic training in the field of equine business. The program is designed as an intensive one-year program for full-time students, although part-time students will be accepted. 

The curriculum consists of 24 hours of Equine Business courses for those individuals who possess a four-year Business degree or an MBA. The curriculum will include a minimum of 30 credit hours for those persons lacking in the certificate prerequisites.

Departmental Admission Requirements

Admission requirements include submission of an undergraduate application and official transcripts showing completion of a four-year degree, and an overall 2.8 GPA.

Priority application deadlines are June 1 for fall semester. Admission to the Equine Certificate Program is available only in the fall semesters.  Priority application deadline is March 1 for summer semesters.

Program Requirements

Certificate Prerequisites

ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics - SB3
ACCT 201Principles of Financial Accounting3
Minimum Total Hours6

Certificate Requirements

EQIN 202Horse Industry Overview3
EQIN 204Equine Management3
EQIN 301Organization and Administration of Equine Operations3
EQIN 302Equine Economics3
EQIN 304Equine Marketing3
EQIN 313Equine Commercial Law3
EQIN 402Capstone Seminar in Equine Industry Program - CUE3
EQIN 403Equine Financial Management3
Minimum Total Hours24