Economics with a 3+3 Track to Law (BA)


Departmental Admission Requirements

Students must have:

  1. Earned a 2.8 cumulative GPA (Students with an established UofL GPA may not include grades for coursework at another institution in consideration for admission); and
  2. Completion of MATH 111 College Algebra - QR (or equivalent) or completion of MATH 180 Elements of Calculus - QR

A 3.5 GPA is recommended by the School of Law (see below).

Admission to Law School

Admission to the 3+3 track does not guarantee admission to the law school. Students seeking admission to law school must complete a law school application and satisfy all of Brandeis’ admissions requirements, including its median GPA and LSAT expectations.

The law school requires that students seeking admission through the 3+3 program have completed three years of undergraduate course work, including transfer credit and credit earned in summer. It is recommended that students planning to pursue this track have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.

For more information on Brandeis and its admissions requirements, please contact the Brandeis School of Law Office of Admissions.  A visit to the law school and an opportunity to observe a class can be arranged.  

General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements 131
The following program requirements satisfy General Education requirements and are included in the total hours listed below
Elements of Calculus - QR
Calculus I - QR
Principles of Macroeconomics - SB

All degrees require the completion of the University-wide General Education Program (link provided above).  To complete the degree in the minimum number of hours listed on the Overview tab, some hours from the General Education Requirements must be satisfied by courses defined by the unit and/or program.

College/School Requirements

College of Business Requirements
CAMP 100Campus Culture/Business Students1
MATH 180Elements of Calculus - QR 2, 33
or MATH 205 Calculus I - QR
ECON 201
ECON 202
Principles of Microeconomics - SB
Principles of Macroeconomics - SB 4
BUS 201Career Development1
BSTA 201Business Statistics3
Foreign Language 612
Minimum Total Hours26

Program/Major Requirements

Economics Breadth
ECON 301Intermediate Microeconomics3
ECON 302Intermediate Macroeconomics3
ECON 475Senior Economics Seminar - CUE3
Electives in Economics15
Business Electives12
Minimum Total Hours36

Law School Courses

Law School Courses30
Torts I
Torts II
Contracts I
Contracts II
Property I
Property II
Civil Procedure I
Criminal Law
Lawyering Skills I
Lawyering Skills II
Minimum Total Hours30

College/School Requirements include six hours of the General Education (3 hours Quantitative Reasoning and 3 hours Social & Behavioral Sciences).  General Education Oral Communication courses (COMM 111, COMM 112 or HON 214) are not program requirements, but are required as prerequisite for BUS 301.


MATH 205 or MATH 180 must be taken as a required math course for all Economic majors. Their prerequisite(s) may be used as Arts and Sciences elective(s).


Completes Quantitative Reasoning General Education.


Completes 3 hours of Social & Behavioral Sciences.


The following will also meet the statistics requirement:  MATH 109, PSYC 301, SOC 301, CJ 326


Completion of three semesters of Foreign Language (9-12 hours). Languages with three semesters but less than 12 hours must be made up as elective hours.

Flight Plan

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing - WC 3
ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics - SB 3
Cardinal Core Arts & Humanities Diversity 1 AHD1 (not PHIL) 3
Cardinal Core Oral Communication - OC 3
MATH 180
Elements of Calculus - QR
or Calculus I - QR
CAMP 100 Campus Culture/Business Students 1
ENGL 102 Intermediate College Writing - WC 3
ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics - SB 3
Cardinal Core Natural Sciences lecture (2nd discipline) 3
BSTA 201 Business Statistics 3
Foreign Language 4
Year 2
Cardinal Core natural Sciences lecture + lab 4
Foreign Language 4
BUS 201 Career Development 1
PHIL 222 Contemporary Moral Problems - AH 3
ECON 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3
ECON 301 Intermediate Microeconomics 3
BUS 301 Business Communication 3
Cardinal Core SBHD2 History + Diversity 2 3
Two ECON electives 6
Year 3
Three ECON electives 9
Two business or ECON electives 6
Two business or ECON electives 6
ECON 475 Senior Economics Seminar - CUE 3
Foreign Language 4
Year 4
LAW 802 Torts I 3
LAW 804 Contracts I 3
LAW 806 Property I 3
LAW 810 Criminal Law 3
LAW 811 Lawyering Skills I 3
LAW 803 Torts II 3
LAW 805 Contracts II 3
LAW 807 Property II 3
LAW 808 Civil Procedure I 3
LAW 812 Lawyering Skills II 3
 Minimum Total Hours120

Degree Audit Report
Degree Audit reports illustrate how your completed courses fulfill the requirements of your academic plan.  What-if reports allow you to compare the courses you have completed in your current academic plan to the courses required in another academic plan.  Should you have questions about either report, please consult with your academic advisor.

Flight Planner
The Flight Planner tool is available for you to create a personalized Flight Plan to graduation.  Advisors have access to review your Flight Planner and can help you adjust it to ensure you remain on track to graduate in a timely manner.

To create these reports:

  1. Log into your ULink account.
  2. Click on the Academic Progress tile.
  3. Select the appropriate report.
    1. To run a Degree Audit report, click on "View my Degree Audit."
    2. To create a What-if report, click on "Create a What-if Advisement Report."
    3. To run a Flight Planner report, click on "Use My Flight Planner."

Click here to run a Degree Audit report, create a What-if report, or run a Flight Planner report.