Organizational Leadership and Learning, Healthcare Leadership (BS)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2019–Spring 2020 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning, track in Healthcare Leadership
Unit: College of Education and Human Development
Department: Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development 
Academic Plan Code(s): WFL_BS_HLT, WFL_BS_HLO

Program Information

This program can be completed entirely online.

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning with a focus on Healthcare Leadership allows healthcare professionals to capitalize on existing knowledge and experience, and earn a bachelor’s degree that can further enhance your skills in leadership, organizational change, workplace development and performance and attain higher-level positions in your organization.

UofL’s OnTrack program is the first of its kind in the state and region, with a curriculum based on the National Center for Healthcare Leadership’s ( competency model, which is one of the leading industry standard models for healthcare executive competencies development.

This program is essential for individuals who have acquired experience in the healthcare field, but are missing the proper credentials for promotions within their organization, increased pay, or management and leadership roles.

Degree Summary

General Education Requirements31
College/School Requirements0
Program/Major Requirements77
Track Requirements12
Minimum Total Hours120

Specific coursework information can be found on the Degree Requirements tab.

The program is offered in two distinct enrollment pathways: Flex Option and Term Option.

Flex Option: This is the current pathway for students wishing to pursue the Competency-Based Education model (CBE). In Flex Option, students have 32 weeks to move through the program materials at their own pace. Many students value this level of flexibility. This path places the responsibility on the student to set and maintain their own pace to finish the materials on time.  Students may enroll in additional CBE courses as soon as previously enrolled courses are completed to expedite program completion.  Financial Aid is dependent on timely completion. 

Students may start the program on the first Tuesday of every month (except December).  Students in this program will register for all major and track courses with their assigned Success Coach. All tuition and fees for CBE courses are non-refundable when a student begins a CBE course.   The CBE course term begins with enrollment and the onset of academic activity.  Flex Option/CBE courses are student self-paced, but students must complete enrolled CBE courses within 32 weeks. A student cannot withdraw from a CBE course once started.

Term Option:  In this pathway, students enroll in 8-week courses and complete each course within a predetermined time frame. This option is for students who wish to follow a more structured and traditional university schedule while taking advantage of accelerated sessions. Two sessions will be available in Fall and Spring and one session will be available in Summer.

Students may start the program at the beginning of the Fall, Spring, or Summer terms and enroll in Term-Option, 8-week session courses. All coursework in the Term-Option Pathway must be completed within the 8-week session period.  Tuition and fees in Term-Option enrollments may be refunded in accordance with normal university policies.

Additional Information: For more information on the Healthcare Leadership program, please go to

UofL also offers non-CBE BS programs in Organizational Leadership and Learning with tracks in Career and Technical Education and Leadership, Training and Organizational Development (LTOD). 

Departmental Admission Requirements

Applicants to the BS in Organizational Leadership and Learning with a track in Healthcare Leadership must have a 2.7 cumulative GPA in college level courses and at least 2,000 hours (approximately one year) of healthcare experience across a wide variety of organizational settings. 

Additionally, applicants are recommended to have at least 24 hours of transferable credit.  

Applicants who have a cumulative GPA below 2.7 or less than 2,000 hours of healthcare experience, may petition the College of Education and Human Development for consideration of admission.

General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements31

All degrees require the completion of the University-wide General Education Program (link provided above). Some General Education requirements may be met in the requirements for the major or supporting coursework, in which case additional electives may be required to complete the minimum hours for the degree.

Program/Major Requirements

Healthcare Leadership Core
LEAD 307Prior Learning Assessment for Healthcare Leaders3
or ELFH 307
LEAD 308Needs Assessment in Healthcare Organizations3
or ELFH 308
LEAD 309Managing Projects in Healthcare Organizations3
or ELFH 309
LEAD 410Fundamentals of Healthcare Human Resource Management3
or ELFH 410
LEAD 413Management of Diversity in Healthcare Organizations3
or ELFH 413
LEAD 415Organizational Change in Healthcare3
or ELFH 415
LEAD 416Principles of Healthcare Leadership and Management3
or ELFH 416
LEAD 450Healthcare Leadership - CUE3
or ELFH 450
Track Requirements 1
LEAD 430Healthcare Finance and Accounting3
or ELFH 430
LEAD 431Healthcare Information Management3
or ELFH 431
LEAD 432Healthcare Quality Evaluation3
or ELFH 432
LEAD 433Healthcare Law and Ethics3
or ELFH 433
Minimum Total Hours36

Work Specialization & Electives 

Work Specialization 2varies
LEAD 290Occupational Courses2-42
LEAD 291Occupational Learning2-48
LEAD 390Advanced Occupational Courses2-18
LEAD 391Advanced Occupational Learning2-18
Minimum Total Hours53

Students must demonstrate competency at the B+ level or higher to successfully complete a program course. If a student does not achieve a B+ or higher in a program course before the end of the term, then the student will receive the highest grade earned during the course, or F if the student fails to submit required deliverables.

Only one repetition of a program course is permitted.  If a student does not earn a B+ or higher in the repeated course, then the student will be dropped from the program.   

Culminating Undergraduate Experience (Graduation requirement)
Requirement fulfilled by completing:
Healthcare Leadership - CUE
or ELFH 450