Organizational Leadership and Learning (BS)


This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2019–Spring 2020 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning
Unit: College of Education and Human Development
Department:  Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development 
Academic Plan Code(s): See Track Requirements tab.

Program Information

This program can be completed in a traditional classroom format or entirely online.

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning (OLL), formerly Workforce Leadership, is designed for working professionals who have at least five years of work experience. It is a great option for adults seeking an extra edge in today's job market. If you are ready to finish your degree, we can help do it while you enhance your skills in leading people and organizations or plan for a new career.

Classes are offered online, or in convenient off-campus locations, Monday through Thursday evenings in Louisville and at Fort Knox.

UofL also offers a BS in Organizational Leadership and Learning in Healthcare Leadership program.

Degree Summary

General Education Requirements31
College/School Requirements0
Program/Major Requirements74-77
Track Requirements12-15
Minimum Total Hours120

Specific coursework information can be found on the Degree Requirements tab.

Departmental Admission Requirements

Students are required to have at least five years of work experience and have a 2.0 GPA or higher for admission to the BS in Organizational Leadership and Learning. 

General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements31

All degrees require the completion of the University-wide General Education Program (link provided above). Some General Education requirements may be met in the requirements for the major or supporting coursework, in which case additional electives may be required to complete the minimum hours for the degree.

Program/Major Requirements

Organizational Leadership and Learning Core
ELFH 300Prior Learning Assessment 13
ELFH 311Needs Assessment3
ELFH 316Instructional Strategies and Group Facilitation Techniques3
ELFH 341Managing Projects in the Workplace3
ELFH 411Human Resource Fundamentals3
ELFH 442Supporting Organizational Change3
ELFH 540Program Exit Experience - CUE (CUE) 23-8
ELFH 578Workplace and Information Ethics3
Track Requirements (see tab for specific course requirements) 312-15
Minimum Total Hours36-44

Work Specialization & Electives 

Work Specialization 4,5varies
ELFH 290Occupational Courses2-42
ELFH 291Occupational Learning2-45
ELFH 390Advanced Occupational Courses2-18
ELFH 391Advanced Occupational Learning2-18
Electives 40-44
Minimum Total Hours48-53
Culminating Undergraduate Experience (Graduation requirement)
Requirement fulfilled by completing:
Program Exit Experience - CUE 2

Track Requirements

Track in Career and Technical Education

Academic Plan Code(s): WFL_BS_CTE, WFL_BS_CTO

EDTP 420Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum3
ELFH 312Designing Learning3
ELFH 332Measuring and Evaluating Effectiveness3
ELFH 510Teaching Career and Technical Education3
Select one of the following: 3
Learning Theory and Human Growth and Development
Introduction to Exceptional Children
Exceptional Children in the Regular Classroom
Minimum Total Hours15

Track in Leadership, Training and Organizational Development (LTOD)

Academic Plan Code(s): WFL_BS_LTD, WFL_BS_LTO

Choose 12 credit hours from the list below:12
Designing Learning
Diversity in the Workplace - D1, SB
Measuring and Evaluating Effectiveness
Coaching and Talent Development
Conflict Management in the Workplace
Adult Learning and Diversity
Leadership and Management
Instructional Technology
Minimum Total Hours12

Mid-point Assessment:  Program Competency Self-Assessment and a Hallmark Assessment from ELFH 341.

A minimum of 120 hours with an overall GPA of 2.25 is required for completion, with a 2.5 GPA required in the major courses. All major course grades must be a C or better. Thirty-one hours of general education credit are required. A minimum of 50 hours of credit at the 300 level or above are required, along with satisfactory completion of the Program Portfolio.    

Tracks Suspended to Further Enrollment

The following tracks have been suspended to further enrollment, effective Spring 2018, and reorganized into a consolidated Leadership, Training, and Organizational Development/LTOD track (details above).

Track in Training and Development 

Suspended to further enrollment.

ELFH 312Designing Learning3
ELFH 332Measuring and Evaluating Effectiveness3
ELFH 460Adult Learning and Diversity3
ELFH 575Instructional Technology3
Minimum Total Hours12

Track in Leadership and Organizational Development

Suspended to further enrollment.

ELFH 314Diversity in the Workplace - D1, SB3
ELFH 412Coaching and Talent Development3
ELFH 420Conflict Management in the Workplace3
ELFH 490Leadership and Management3
Minimum Total Hours12