Organizational Leadership and Learning (BS)


Departmental Admission Requirements

Prior extensive and documented work experience, or equivalent experiences as determined by the program faculty, or technical coursework in a training area or occupation is required.  

For the Career and Technical Education track, applicants must also have completed requirements for a professional license. This program is designed for Kentucky certified teachers in Career and Technical Education to earn their Rank 1 certification.

General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements31

All degrees require the completion of the University-wide General Education Program (link provided above). Some General Education requirements may be met in the requirements for the major or supporting coursework, in which case additional electives may be required to complete the minimum hours for the degree.

Program/Major Requirements

Organizational Leadership and Learning Core
LEAD 300Prior Learning Assessment3
LEAD 311Needs Assessment3
LEAD 316Instructional Strategies and Group Facilitation Techniques3
LEAD 341Managing Projects in the Workplace3
LEAD 411Human Resource Fundamentals3
LEAD 442Supporting Organizational Change3
LEAD 540Program Exit Experience - CUE 13
LEAD 578Workplace and Information Ethics3
Track Requirements (see tab for specific course requirements)12-15
Minimum Total Hours36-39

Work Specialization & Electives 

Work Specialization - Prior Learning Assessment 2,3varies
LEAD 290Occupational Courses2-42
LEAD 291Occupational Learning2-42
LEAD 390Advanced Occupational Courses2-18
LEAD 391Advanced Occupational Learning2-18
Minimum Total Hours48-53

Exit Requirements:  A minimum of 120 hours with an overall GPA of 2.25 is required for completion, with a 2.5 GPA required in the major courses. All major course grades must be a C- or better. Thirty-one hours of general education credit are required. A minimum of 50 hours of credit at the 300 level or above are required, along with satisfactory completion of the Program Portfolio.

Culminating Undergraduate Experience (Graduation requirement)
Requirement fulfilled by completing:
Program Exit Experience - CUE

Applications for LEAD 540 must be submitted by mid-term week of the semester prior to enrollment.  All other core classes and at least one-half of the track courses must be completed prior to enrollment.


LEAD 290, LEAD 291, LEAD 390, and LEAD 391 are the Work Specialization/Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) courses. A minimum of 9 hours of Work Specialization/Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit is required to satisfy degree requirements. However, students may earn a maximum of 48 credit hours cumulatively across all Work Specialization/Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) courses based upon their prior work experience. Depending upon students' number of awarded PLA credits and selected track, students may need elective coursework to reach the minimum 120 hours required for the degree.


Students who have earned Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credits from another major or program may not request PLA credit through the BS in Organizational Leadership and Learning major, without demonstrating additional work experience that was not previously awarded PLA hours.  Total PLA credit hours counted toward a BS in OLL degree may not exceed 48 hours.

Track Requirements

Track in Career and Technical Education

Academic Plan Code(s): WFL_BS_CTE, WFL_BS_CTO

EDTP 420Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum3
LEAD 510Teaching Career and Technical Education3
LEAD 574Using Productivity Tools3
LEAD 596Seminar3
Select ONE of the following: 3
Learning Theory and Human Growth and Development
Introduction to Exceptional Children
Exceptional Children in the Regular Classroom
Minimum Total Hours15

Applicants must have completed requirements for a professional license. This program is designed for Kentucky certified teachers in Career and Technical Education to earn their Rank 1 certification.


Mid-Point Assessment: Completion of 32 credit hours in the Career and Technical courses with an average GPA of 2.5 and a letter grade of C or better.


CTE Certification Assessment: Successful completion of KDE New Teacher Institute, CTE Concentration Courses, and Portfolio.
Praxis Disclaimer: Per 16 KAR 2:020, Praxis is not required for occupation-based teacher certification.
Rank Change: To apply for Rank 1 status, students must complete this Bachelor’s degree program and submit CA-1 form to Kentucky Department of Education Office of Career and Technical Education Certification Specialist for submission to Education Professional Standards Board.

Track in Diversity, Inclusion, Community Engagement, and Equity

Academic Plan Code(s): WFL_BS_DIC, WFL_BS_DIO

LEAD 314Diversity in the Workplace - SB, D13
LEAD 324Antiracism: A Fundamental to a New System3
LEAD 424Organizational Partnership and Community Engagement3
LEAD 460Adult Learning and Diversity3
Minimum Total Hours12

Track in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

Academic Plan Code(s): WFL_BS_ECE, WFL_BS_ECO

EDSP 427Inquiry into Early Childhood Education and Child Development3
EDSP 435Administration and Consultation in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education3
EDSP 438Emergent Curriculum3
EDSP 439Guidance for Young Children3
Minimum Total Hours12

Track in Leadership, Training and Organizational Development (LTOD)

Academic Plan Code(s): WFL_BS_LTD, WFL_BS_LTO

Select FOUR courses from the list below:12
Individual Strategies for Success
Designing Learning
Diversity in the Workplace - SB, D1
Measuring and Evaluating Effectiveness
Coaching and Talent Development
Conflict Management in the Workplace
Adult Learning and Diversity
Leadership and Management
Instructional Technology

Track in Counseling and Human Relations

Academic Plan Code(s): WFL_BS_CHO, WFL_BS_CHR

ECPY 304Mental Health and the Helping Professions3
ECPY 319Theories of Counseling3
ECPY 363Culture, Social Justice, and Advocacy3
ECPY 412Stress, Coping & Resilience3
ECPY 422Emotional Intelligence3
Minimum Total Hours15

Track in Digital Leadership/IT

Academic Plan Code(s): WFL_BS_DLT, WFL_BS_DLO

LEAD 220Data Analytics in Organizations 3
LEAD 256Technology in Our World Today Level 1 - SB3
LEAD 257Technology Industry Badges II3
Select ONE course from list below:3
Diversity in the Workplace - SB, D1
Coaching and Talent Development
Leadership and Management
Minimum Total Hours12

Track in Project Management for the Modern Workforce

Academic Plan Code(s): WFL_BS_PMW, WFL_BS_PMO

LEAD 220Data Analytics in Organizations 3
LEAD 314Diversity in the Workplace - SB, D13
LEAD 412Coaching and Talent Development3
LEAD 490Leadership and Management3
Minimum Total Hours12

Track in Human Resource Development

Academic Plan Code(s): WFL_BS_HRD, WFL_BS_HRO

Select FOUR courses from the list below:12
Data Analytics in Organizations
Coaching and Talent Development
Conflict Management in the Workplace
Leadership and Management
Promoting Workplace Health, Safety, and Security
Minimum Total Hours12