Peace, Justice and Conflict Transformation (PEAC)

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PEAC 525. Peace, Justice & Conflict Transformation3 Units

Term Typically Offered: Occasionally Offered

Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing.

Description: Introduces fundamental issues within the broad realm of Peace Studies and deepens student skills in critical thinking, conflict analysis, and problem solving. Core issues: conflict analysis, non-violent action, violence prevention, warism, peacebuilding, and gender and peace.

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PEAC 545. Basic Mediation & Conflict Transformation3 Units

Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing.

Description: Basic skills include understanding the place and role of mediation as a conflict resolution tool; applying techniques for constructive negotiation; understanding sources of conflict and recognizing conflict management styles; gaining practical experience in conflict resolution techniques and skill building; understanding stages of mediation; acquiring listening and communication skills; understanding directive, facilitative, and transformative styles of mediation.

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PEAC 550. Service Learning in Peacebuilding3 Units

Term Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

Prerequisite(s): PEAC 325 and PEAC 350.

Description: All students will complete service learning in peace-building after completing other requirements for certificate in Peace, Justice & Conflict Transformation. They will work within an approved organization whose focus is some aspect of peace, justice,or conflict transformation. The objective is for them to learn first-hand how principles and theories studied in previous classes are applied in the field. (Social Science)

Course Attribute(s): CBL - This course includes Community-Based Learning (CBL). Students will engage in a community experience or project with an external partner in order to enhance understanding and application of academic content.

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PEAC 575. Independent Study in Peace, Justice & Conflict Transformation1-5 Units

Prerequisite(s): Minimum GPA of 3.0, or at least 45 semester hours credit, and permission of PJCT Director.

Description: Independent study is available to selected undergraduates or graduate students with a specific topic to focus upon that fits within the broad sphere of Peace, Justice & Conflict Transformation. Students will be supervised by either the director of the program or another individual appropriate for the selected topic.

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