Practice Test Requirements

Each semester, in advance of exams, the Brandeis School of Law IT Department will publicize Exam4’s availability to students and publish instructions for obtaining, downloading, installing and testing Exam4.

Each student who wishes to use a personal computer to take any exam that semester must, using the applicable version of Exam4, successfully:

  1. Download Exam4;
  2. Install Exam4;
  3. Properly complete a practice test using Exam4; and
  4. Submit the practice test by the applicable deadline for doing so. Practice test deadlines each semester will be posted on the Brandeis Law Intranet and in the Daily Docket email newsletter, and each student is presumed to have notice of such deadlines.

A properly completed practice test is one on which the student has self-identified using their ULink username (e.g., ldbran01). A practice test on which the student has self-identified by using a personal name, or a portion thereof, student ID number, a string of sequential or random numbers, etc. is not properly completed. No student will have satisfied the practice test requirement whose practice test was not successfully submitted electronically using Exam4 by the applicable deadline.

Any student who experiences difficulty downloading, installing or testing Exam4, submitting a practice test, or otherwise complying with these requirements by any published practice test deadline must notify the Assistant Dean for Information Technology on or before the date by which any practice test must be submitted. The Assistant Dean for IT or another member of the IT Department shall make reasonable efforts and/or recommendations to assist the student in complying with the practice test requirement and deadline.