23-24 Schatzel - president
Dr. kim schatzel, President, University of Louisville

Kim Schatzel became the 19th permanent president at the University of Louisville on February 1, 2023.

Board of Trustees

In accordance with the statutory authority of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and implemented in the By-Laws of the Board of Trustees and the governmental procedures for the university, the Board of Trustees is the governing body of the University of Louisville. Within the limits set by the Federal and State Constitution and federal and state law, the Board shall actively engage in policy making, be responsible for aiding the university to perform at a high level of excellence, adopt an annual budget and ensure that the financial resources of the university are sufficient to provide a sound educational program, and periodically evaluate the university's progress in implementing its missions, goals and objectives.  It selects the President of the university; upon recommendation of the President, it makes all appointments to the faculty and all appointments of individuals in administrative capacities who serve at the pleasure of the Board.

The Board of Trustees grants all degrees conferred by the university.

More information on the Board of Trustees, including current membership can be found at the Board of Trustees website.

University Leadership

Kim Schatzel, PhD

Lori Stewart Gonzalez, PhD
Executive Vice President and University Provost

Kevin H. Gardner, PhD
Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation

Toni Ganzel, MD, MBA
Vice President for Academic Medical Affairs

Dan Durbin, MPA
Vice President for Finance and Administration/Chief Financial Officer

School and College Deans

David S. Owen, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences

Jeff Guan, PhD
College of Business

T. Gerard Bradley, DrMedDent
School of Dentistry

Amy Shearer Lingo, PhD
College of Education and Human Development

Emmanuel Collins, PhD
J.B. Speed School of Engineering

Beth Boehm, PhD
Graduate School

Melanie B. Jacobs, JD
School of Law

Toni M. Ganzel, MD, MBA
School of Medicine

Teresa Reed, PhD
School of Music

Mary DeLetter, PhD, RN
School of Nursing

Craig H. Blakely, PhD
School of Public Health and Information Sciences

Crystal Collins Camargo, PhD
Kent School of Social Work

Robert E. Fox Jr., MLS, MBA
University Libraries