Auditing Courses


Audited courses do not earn credit, although the transcript will indicate that the course was taken as an audit.  Because audit status is offered only on a space-available basis, students may not register for a class in an audit status during early registration, nor may a student change from graded to audit status during that period. 

Students may register for classes in audit status during regular registration and then only with the written approval of the instructor of the course. Not all instructors allow auditors. Work expectations of auditors can vary across courses and instructors, and the specific work expectations that will warrant the audit designation on the transcript should be confirmed with the instructor facilitating the course.  Auditors who do not fulfill the work expectations may be withdrawn from the course with a grade of W noted on the transcript.

Students who have registered in audit status will not receive credit for the course unless their registration has been changed officially from audit to credit by the published deadline for such a change.  Students are allowed to change from audit to grade status or from grade status to audit status at any time from the beginning of regular registration through the last day to add a class with approval from the course instructor.  Students are advised that such approval is the instructor’s prerogative, subject to completion of course prerequisites, and that audit status may have implications for financial aid eligibility. 

Any change of status must be submitted on a Drop/Add and Grade Type Change Form and turned in to the Registrar’s Office by the deadline.  Students admitted to the unit as Auditors are not eligible to take courses for credit and may not change their class registration from audit to credit.

Students are cautioned that auditing a class cannot substitute for taking the course for credit if that course is part of the credit hour requirement for graduation, including both college-wide and major requirements. Any required course taken as audit must be retaken for credit in order to be counted toward a degree. Students are advised to consult with their academic advisor to determine if registration in audit status is appropriate. Students may enroll for credit in any course which was taken for audit, in a semester subsequent to the semester when the course was audited, provided those students have been admitted to the unit on a basis that confers eligibility to take courses for credit. If students take a course for both audit and credit, the transcript will show both entries.