Undergraduate students in good academic standing may enroll in one undergraduate course each semester on a pass/fail basis, provided that the course is not used to meet a general education requirement, a programmatic requirement at either the degree program or college level, a prerequisite requirement for admission to a degree program, or a foreign language requirement for a degree program.  Students should check with an advisor to make sure a course they intend to take pass/fail will not affect their degree requirements.

Courses completed on a pass/fail basis will not be assigned any quality points, but credit will be given if the grade assigned is a P.  If the grade assigned is NC, it will not be included in grade point calculations, nor will credit be given for the course. No letter-grade equivalent for a P grade will be assigned or reported.  

This policy only applies when the repeated course is the same course at as the original and is taken again at UofL.  If a student repeats an equivalent course at another institution, the UofL program requirement can be satisfied with an appropriate transfer grade, but the transfer grade will not be included in the UofL GPA calculation and the original UofL grade will not be removed from the UofL GPA calculation.

No changes from letter grade to pass/fail, or vice versa, may be made after the university deadline to withdraw from a course. 

This policy will not apply to courses taught only on a pass-fail basis, such as some internship and field experience courses.