Undergraduate students in good academic standing may enroll in one undergraduate course each semester on a pass/fail basis, provided that the course is not used to meet a general education requirement, a programmatic requirement at either the degree program or college level, a prerequisite requirement for admission to a degree program, or a foreign language requirement for a degree program.  If the course is letter-graded, the instructor's agreement (signature) must be secured by students for pass/fail grading to be applied to the course, and the student's enrollment unit  must approve the request.

Courses completed on a pass/fail basis will not be assigned any quality points, but credit will be given if the grade assigned is a P.  If the grade assigned is F, it will be calculated as such in the student's grade point average. No letter-grade equivalent for a P grade will be assigned or reported. 

No changes from letter grade to pass/fail, or vice versa, may be made after the university deadline to withdraw from a course. 

This policy will not apply to courses taught only on a pass-fail basis, such as some internship and field experience courses.