Repeating Courses


Students are allowed to repeat a course only once, with the most recent grade counting for grade point average calculation and towards degree requirements.  Students are advised to weigh carefully the tradeoff between 1) possibly improving their academic standing by repeating a course and earning a higher grade, and 2) the investment of time and money in repeating courses. 

Students may petition to repeat a course more than once through a process determined by each academic unit.

This policy only applies when the repeated course is the same course at as the original and is taken again at UofL (this excludes courses taken through the Metroversity program).  If a student repeats an equivalent course at another institution, the UofL program requirement can be satisfied with an appropriate transfer grade, but the transfer grade will not be included in the GPA calculation and the original UofL grade will not be removed from the GPA calculation.

Although all grades are displayed on the official transcript, repeated courses cannot receive double credit in hours required for the degree and count only once toward graduation.

Students may only receive federal and state financial aid funds one time for retaking previously passed coursework.  Students should speak with a financial aid advisor about the impact on financial aid before making the decision to repeat a course that was previously passed.