Code of Student Conduct


Code of Student Conduct

The University’s Code of Student Conduct (“The Code”) is the University's policy regarding non-academic discipline of students and student organizations. Academic dishonesty is not covered by this Code but rather falls within the authority of the individual academic units of the University. Students have the responsibility to follow all regulations outlined in this policy.

The primary purpose for the Code in the university setting is to respond to incidents of non-academic misconduct in a way that is developmentally sound and which creates an environment in which all members of the academic community can live, work, and learn together. The Code is designed to provide educational guidance to those choosing to develop into good citizens and, at the same time, to respond appropriately to behavior which may be inconsistent with university policies.

Criminal and civil codes are undesirable models for student conduct codes. Unlike society, the University of Louisville is a voluntary association of scholars who demand and deserve a positive and special learning environment, as well as an approach for enforcing the community's standards. The University of Louisville is a community dedicated to the principles of free expression in which diverse views are encouraged and embraced. Opinions that may be unpopular and/or contrary to the University's values and objectives, but do not otherwise violate policy, will not result in sanctions from the University.

The University's Code of Student Conduct is set forth in writing in order to give students general notice of non-academic prohibited conduct. The Code should be read broadly and is not designed to define non-academic misconduct in exhaustive terms. The Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) or designee is the final authority in defining and interpreting the Code of Student Conduct and conduct procedures. The University reserves the right to amend the Code of Student Conduct at any time.

The Code can be found at at the Dean of Students website or by contacting the Dean of Students Office in SAC W301 or by phone at (502) 852-5787.