Class Attendance


The academy requires student participation in the learning process, measurement of student progress, and the fulfillment of basic course requirements. Faculty members will provide students in their classes with clear syllabi, including attendance requirements and dates for required measurements or field experiences. Attendance policies should allow excused absences for university-sanctioned events. Although each college, school, or academic unit of the University of Louisville creates its own regulations concerning class attendance, all units hold students responsible for materials covered, lectures given, papers due, exams scheduled, or other evaluative measures administered.

Because the university recognizes that educational experiences extend beyond the classroom and campus, faculty must be flexible with students acting as official representatives of the university or participating in university-sanctioned events or activities that require absence from class. A university sanctioned event or activity shall be one in which a student represents the university to external constituencies in academic or extra-curricular activities. These include but are not limited to student government congresses, intercollegiate athletic and debate contests, music competitions, academic meetings, and conferences. The deans, the student government association, or faculty sponsors of recognized student organizations may petition the provost to designate other specific events as university-sanctioned.

When students’ participation in university-sanctioned events or activities requires them to be absent from a class (or classes) during which an examination or other measurement of academic progress is scheduled, faculty will provide students with opportunities to be evaluated at other times and by comparable alternative evaluation methods within a reasonable period of time before or after the absence. Students are responsible for material covered or work assigned in any class for which they have been provided an excused absence.