Academic Fresh Start


Students who are re-admitted to the university after an absence of two or more years may apply for a Fresh Start, i.e., may request that the university reset the student's cumulative grade point average during the period of previous residency. 

If the Fresh Start is approved by the university, students resume an academic program with no cumulative grade point average from the prior enrollment.  All courses taken remain on the permanent record.  Courses with passing grades are counted for credit and may be used to satisfy program requirements. 

Students must take at least 30 hours of coursework at the University after re‐admission and before graduation for Fresh Start to remain on their official transcript.  Students are eligible for only one Fresh Start.  Students who have earned a baccalaureate degree from the University are not eligible for Fresh Start.

Students may be required to retake courses from academic terms covered by Fresh Start if the content-currency or major-GPA rules of a degree program, department or unit so dictate.  Students should consult the Undergraduate Catalog and their advisor at the time of readmission for any possible additional requirements to be fulfilled in remedying these conditions.

Although Fresh Start affects cumulative grade point average, it has no impact on earned and attempted hours.  All courses taken at the university will still be used for financial aid.  Financial aid recipients will still have to adhere to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy administered by the Student Financial Aid Office.  Students who are granted a Fresh Start are not automatically cleared of any SAP issues. If interested in submitting a SAP appeal, students should contact the Student Financial Aid Office. 

Courses taken under the repeat-to-replace option during the period covered by a Fresh Start will not be counted against the repeats allowed under university policy.  Financial aid for repeat courses is calculated according to federal regulations. 

For the purposes of scholastic action and advising, students are initially assigned to the same academic standing as when they last attended the university. Thereafter, students are subject to the conditions of probation, suspension and dismissal that govern all students.  GPA calculations for graduation honors follow the rules established by the students’ enrollment unit.